Pittsburgh Penguins Trivia Questions

1. Who was the first Penguin to score 100 points in the regular season?
2. Who has played the most career regular season games for Pittsburgh?
3. Who was the Pens' first head coach?
4. The Pens' captain from 1968-69 to 1972-73 was:
5. Which Penguin has played the most career playoff games?
6. Pittsburgh owns the NHL record for most consecutive wins in the playoffs. How many games did they win in a row?
7. In which Entry Draft did the Penguins select Jaromir Jagr?
8. The Pens set the NHL regular season record for consecutive wins at 17 in which season?
9. Who is the only Pens defenseman to win the Norris Trophy?
10. Which Pen had back to back 4 goal games in 1991-92?
11. Who scored the 1991 Stanley Cup winning goal?
12. Who scored the 1992 Stanley Cup winning goal?
13. Who holds the Pens record for playoff goals in one year?
14. Besides Mario's 66, what is the only other retired Penguins number?
15. Who wore the other retired Pens number?
16. At the start of the 1997-98 season, who was the leading all-time regular season scorer versus Pittsburgh?
17. Who was the first Penguin to be named MVP of an NHL All-Star Game?
18. What year did the Pens first wear the colors black and gold?
19. What season was the NHL All-Star Game played at the Civic Arena?
20. Which Penguin was the MVP of the NHL All-Star Game played in Pittsburgh?