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Postby Morozov on Mon Mar 06, 2006 5:33 pm

The Pens have been screwed many times over by the refs this season. It's almost as if they were not supposed to win this year.

Remember the home and home with Atlanta? Goals were allowed that didn't even cross the line. Kovalchuk rams Crosby head first into the boards and Crosby gets the penalty because he's 18 and looked at the referee the wrong way. This is the most poorly managed league in PRO sports...

Hatcher takes Crosby's teeth out and Crosby receives a penalty for looking at the referee the wrong way.

This has caused the Pens MANY games this season. I think they are at the point of no return. It's not worth trying to beat the REFS.

They've been so shafted this season that it's cost us at least 20 points. The refs always tend to give us an "even up call" that leads into the next period... They're smart>>>

In girls hockey, the girls would have probably forfeited the games. The abuse Crosby has taken is pathetic. That's why the NFL is the best sport going right now....


Postby saveourpens on Mon Mar 06, 2006 6:47 pm

The refs can be bad but good teams create their own breaks. No way can you blame the refs for 20 lost points. Face it, this team sucks huge arse. They would still lose if the refs gave them 2 goals before the game.
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