And what needs to be addressed?

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And what needs to be addressed?

Postby randy on Mon Mar 06, 2006 7:03 pm

Why wait till summer, when improvements can be made starting now, newer faces can be brought in and have rest of year+summer to get acclamated to pitt?

Obviously the GAA HAS to come down. Do you try to get a better veteran goaltender to come in here? Make another attemt at where Thibault failed? After watching numerous mental mistakes by trout on saturday, ive got to wonder if he can cut it at pro level. Do you trade for some veteran GOOD goalie to come in, and let fleury/caron fight it out for the other slot? Again, if you want quality, you have to give up quality, and thats where that #1 comes in. Its their best asset to move.

CP says hes always looking to upgrade the team, hopefully he means it.

There has to be some sort of deal to get in on to upgrade the defence and goaltending a bit for next year. Better than wasting anymore time and money getting burned on questionable FA signings. (After the Palffy debacle, id avoid that route as much as possible)

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