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Postby Pens4Life on Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:20 pm

And trade Surovy(maybe we can get something for him), Endicott, Melichar, Roy, RVB, Hussey, Cross for anything (bag of pucks)...
Only if we can land good d-man i would trade Recchi. Let him play 1 more good season in Pitt city. LeClair is a different story from what i heard,but trading him for draft picks aint good...
LeClair for Umberger i would do,but Bobby wont. Recchi for Downie thats crap... Recchi for Umberger NO,LeClair for Leopold Ok (wont happen), Malone for Volcenkov MAYBE, Malone for Bochenski NO, Recchi and LeClair for Umberger and Rathje OK,
What about Endicott for Beech? ;) Melichar for Strudwick OK, Cross for Hordichuk OK, Surovy and Roy for Fedotenko and Sydor MAYBE ..... YEAH;YEAH too much s....
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Postby Defence21 on Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:33 pm

Wow, you really overvalue Penguin players. Sure, I'd love to see a big deal as much as the next guy, but we all have to be realistic here. The most possible and logical players to be traded are Recchi, Leclair and Roy. All of them have an element to their game that would be attractive to a playoff-bound team looking for some depth. The big thing, though, is that these are not superstar players -- at least anymore. Recchi is a very good player in the offensive zone, Leclair is riding a hot streak, and Roy has shown more in his recent fights.

Surovy, Endicott, Melichar and Cross will bring nothing of value. If anything, the Pens would be lucky to get a young 4th liner or a late draft pick for any of these guys.

Malone likely won't be traded, and, if he is, he probably won't bring back a huge return. He is not a young player (26 or 27 years old, I believe) and has not had a great season. Volchenkov is a stud-in-the-making and Ottawa would be crazy to trade him at this point in his career.

So, in summary, don't look for the Pens to make out like bandits on Thursday. I would imagine they might get a prospect or two, as well as a couple draft picks and a decent young NHL'er. But don't expect any super-prospects or young superstars-in-the-making, such as Volchenkov.

My guesses:
- Recchi goes to Carolina for Anton Babchuk and a pick
- Leclair goes somewhere for a 3rd or 4th rounder
- Roy goes to a team lacking an enforcer for a penalty-killer in his mid- to upper-thirties.
- Melichar to the Rangers for a late pick
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