Why is Recchi on the block?

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Why is Recchi on the block?

Postby ivand87 on Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:02 am

Can someone explain to me why the Penguins are taking offers for Recchi??

He seems like the best choice to be named captain this year. If not him, then who, Sidney?! Please... Kid's gonna be just 19.

I really don't like this. We're not gonna get much for him, and we don't have that much leadership or grit on this team - trading Recchi makes us considerably worse, in my opinion, if that's even possible at this point. The Pens are 6 points ahead of the Blues for worst team in the league.

But at this point it seems like it's a moot point, PG says it's imminent he'll be traded tomorrow.

As if we haven't had enough blows this season! We have a crazy good chance at Kessel already, WTF, why make a trade just to make a trade!? There are guys in this team that the Pens should get rid of - and Recchi's not one of them.
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Postby Defence21 on Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:17 am

The situation has a lot of hidden possibilites involved.

First of all, Recchi is to be traded because he does have value. There have been at least six teams who have shown interest in trading for Recchi according to today's Post-Gazette, and rumors abound suggest that Recchi is the hot player on the block, meaning his value will go nowhere but up as teams bid for him. The return he brings could be huge.

Secondly, Recchi adds nothing to this team. Why do they need him? They can lose without him just as easily as with him. He's not helping them win any games because, well, they don't win any games. So why not trade him and get what you can?

Lastly, here is where the the hidden possibilities surface. Recchi has a team and player option on his contract for next season. The team option is relatively high, while the player option is very low. Chances are, Recchi becomes a free agent over the summer and return to Pittsburgh. But those options alone make him more valuable. In most cases, teamsa re trading for impending unrestricted free agents, or rental players. Generally, they won't give up nearly as much for a rental as they would for a keeper. However, sometimes teams only want a rental and are willing to give up what it takes. Recchi is kind of the best of both worlds. If he fits in with his new team, he can be retained. If he doesn't fit in, he can walk. This could make him very attractive to potential trade partners.

And, just as a side note, the Therrien has said that there will be no captain this year. He said he wants to keep three alternates for the balance of the season and will then appoint a new captain next season. This is Crosby's team, not Recchi's. To deny Crosby the captaincy because he is only 19, despite the fact that he is the leader, is simply dumb. It's also ageism, saying he isn't as "good" as a veteran. And to add, Recchi doesn't provide any grit and the fact that he provides leadership is also in question.

If he's traded, the team likely will be worse this season, but does it really matter? Where they really destined to win THAT many more games even with Recchi? At least they could get a few players to help next season and beyond.
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Postby ivand87 on Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:28 am

Well from the games I've watched this year I disagree with Tikkanen - he may not be playing very well right now but he's still good, and if there are major changes on this team next year, he could still be valuable.

And I meant he could be captain NEXT year (I'm pretty tired, getting ready for bed right now). I know that Therrien said there would be no captain this year to honor 66 and all...

Defence21 - I see now, I guess he could come back, but honestly, I just don't see us getting much in return. I guess we'll see. And obviously I don't care about what happens the rest of this season - I was just thinking about next year.

If we can get Malkin from Russia next year, this team could be a LOT better. With Fleury in goal from the beginning of the year and a few changes here and there, who knows what could happen. Under that scenario, and with more offensive support, Recchi could still be very valuable to us.

Oh well... :?
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Postby BacklashJack on Thu Mar 09, 2006 9:40 am

Because there is little short-term future for the Pens. Recchi is valuable now and we're not going to trade young guys, it's that simple, there aren't that many options. As for saying he sucks, that's rediculous, he's still one of the better skaters on the team and is pretty effective at carrying the puck. I'd cut off his fingers and he'd still have better hands than a lot of players on this team.

Postby Kovy27 on Thu Mar 09, 2006 9:43 am

The reason he is available is...

He wants to come back next year, and the club has an option for a pretty big chunk of change. So, more than likely he will be a UFA, and we can resign him.

Why not let him go as a loaner to someone and resign him for cheap next season?
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