Not sure what you all were expecting,,

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Not sure what you all were expecting,,

Postby Scott on Thu Mar 09, 2006 5:56 pm

But this isnt days of yore.
The knock your socks off trades are gone.
Those who are bashing CP again please understand this is a different time in the league. With the salary cap now in place you cant just start dumping players. It doesnt work that way anymore.

Even if you just get minor league players back, or even draft picks,, the other team has to make the coming player fit under the cap. Between filling the roster and the cap, teams just cant load up, or dump players any longer.

Ever notice how many trades the NFL has? It has almost become extinct.

The NBA is not much different. I would expect the NHL to be similar to the NBA when you will have some trades, but blockbuster deals will be a pretty good miracle.
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