NHL needs to change scheduling methodology

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NHL needs to change scheduling methodology

Postby penny lane on Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:12 pm

since almost all is fixed with the NHL... :roll: Bettman et al should
think about the scheduling of east shall stay east till the cup finals.
Miss those western canadian late nights watching the pens. Plus,
the few times the pens play full weeks and then this week they had
3 full days off. Sure the Olympic factor plays huge part but in the east
I feel cut-off from what the LA Kings are doing even Detroit.

Rivalries are good but miss the 1 league versus 2 atmosphere.

Maybe just me! :evil:
penny lane
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Postby tluke53 on Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:25 pm

I think one could make a case for it to happen in that manner. However, they should not go to such a format without first making sure the alignment of teams makes since. I mean should Columbus be a "west" team.

I still think it would ashamed for the west coast teams not to have an oppurtunity to see gems like Sid and Ovechkin.
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Postby superconan on Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:53 pm

tluke53 wrote:I still think it would ashamed for the west coast teams not to have an oppurtunity to see gems like Sid and Ovechkin.

I would have gone to Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver to see the Pens play this season (live in Victoria BC).

Now I have to try and get tickets for 2006-2007, and if I don't its another couple years before I have a chance.

Even a case alone for Toronto and Montreal coming out west to play Western Canadian teams more can be made.
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Postby Pitts on Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:11 pm

I miss the late night game too! I used to look forward to those 10:30 games when everyone else in the house was in bed and I could watch in total and complete peace and quiet!
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Postby BritishPenguin on Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:15 pm

I agree. It's kind of boring just playing the same old teams about 4 or 5 times a season and not playing some at all. I couldn't see a San Jose, Anaheim or an LA Kings on the fixture list this season.

OK, the road trips are extremely time-consuming and expensive, particularly for fans, I'll say that, so there would be a downside to it. But it is the National Hockey League - surely teams from all over the country should be playing each other rather than being confined to the same region.

Postby Jim on Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:52 pm

I want the playoffs to go back to the East playing one night and the West playing the other. Each team plays every other day. Not back-to-back, no two days off.
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