The Dive of the Game...

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The Dive of the Game...

Postby NIN on Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:33 am

At 14:23 of the 1st York moved right into the front of the net as the whistle was about to stop play. York knew Fleury had the puck and there would be no rebound, however he went there knowing Orpik was nearby. He counted on Orpik to take offense to him being there and Orpik gave him just alittle shove and that is all York needed to dive into the net in dramatic fashion. Orpik is a dumb hockey player so he had no problem taking the bait.

One thing I have noticed about these officials is that they don't rely on each other to call what they can't see and they call things based on players reputations. Giving the impression that the game is almost fixed! If I am an NHL coach and these guys are reffing. My number one rule of the game is to "loose an edge" when Gonchar is near you. Why? Because he will not finish his check and will instead make an effort to semi-hook or hold almost every single time. Refferees know this and they call it out of habbit, they wont even consider a "dive" call.


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