Pens prospect Matt Moulson and Cornell vs. Colorado College

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Postby Ron` on Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:09 pm

Matt is a good player. But so was Matt Murley in Div 1, who many have written off as dead weight here. I'm not so sure he's still not a cheap depth sign for next year.
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Postby Draftnik on Sun Mar 26, 2006 3:00 pm

I watched the CC-Cornell game Tivo style this morning. Moulson looks very tall on his skates. He works the boards very well and is very conscious of being the 3rd man high in the zone. He made a nice pass on the rush at high tempo to set up the first goal. He stripped the puck from a defender behind the net and wrapped it around for the 2nd goal. He made a nice shot block in the Mike Ramsey mold by dropping to one knee so he didn't take himself out of the play.

He has a nice all around game and certainly will be a guy that can contribute at the AHL level. It is not accurate to forecast his NHL potential off of watching one game, but if I had to I would call him a 3rd line prospect at best. His skating looked average. He was the guy Cornell looked to get the puck to on their 1st PP unit.

He plays Wisconsin in an early evening regional final tonight. Eaves will trap and Cornell appears to play the LWL so it could be a snoozer of a game.

I didn't watch much North Dakota this weekend, but Toews apparently had a very strong regional:
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