Check out these highlights ....

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Check out these highlights ....

Postby Ace on Sun Apr 02, 2006 2:44 pm

Sure guys like Crosby, Gonchar, Caron have their own highlight clips on the official Pens site, but they pale to comparison to yours truly (black 66 jersey, black hat backwards, unshaven so a bit of a beard, had I known i was gonna be on TV ,would have cleaned up a bit, hahaha) ... Highlights

March 18th, Pittsburgh @ Montreal,
I think i was only 1 of 10 Pens fans in the building, but was more than enough for my section. You can see me after the Malone goal, and after Roy's game winner.

I had the whole section wanting to beat the crap out of me. After every Pens goal i would stand up, turn around with my arms spread out, and just stand there, then scream out the score, and slap the Pens sign on my jersey(black 66).....and then blow kisses to all the fans....(more guts than brains, yes, but very entertaining). Went with a friend (Habs fan), thought i would be beaten up for sure, got many dirty looks, no hassles. Didn't shut the whole game, and make many loud comments
"Gonchar you suck, overpaid garbage, go back to Russia"
"9 shots, 3 goals, Aebischer sucks just shoot....that was for MAF when he had the puck"

After Roy's knockout of Downey in the Second Period, just jumped up and started yelling TKO TKO !!!

After Roy's goal in the third, started screaming "Its over, its over", even though there were 16 minutes left in the game, good thing it ended up being the game winner.

The best or worst, with 10 seconds left, Habs fans got up and started leaving, so i got up and waived them bye, and thanked them for coming.

This was only brought to my attention this week, or else i would have posted earlier, a bit of a self plug, but showing up on the official Pens website is quite a feat for this Montreal boy.....been a Pens fan since '87 and put up with alot being the lone Penguin here.

After the game, went upto a guy wearing a Mario jersey but who never cheered for the Pens when they scored. Shook his hand and said "nice game, we won" He tells me he's a Habs fan, but likes Mario so has the jersey. I look at him and scream out, "I take my handshake back" and walked away.

All in all great game by Pens, and i think the Montreal vs Pitts games this year have been the most exciting. Hope to come down next year to Pitts to watch a few games, till then will start posting some more on the board.

Peter, I finally registered on the site, and have posted, hopefully now you can leave me alone, hahaha !!!!

Admin, love the new site, sleek look, but miss the chat feature, or is it still here, and haven't figured out where.

For all those with MSN and would like to add me to their list, go right ahead, i'm usually on all the life ?!?! Actually 2 jobs, working 7 days a week, so need to do something to kill time,

Later Gents, and non Gents.
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