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Postby Pipes Hochuli on Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:50 pm

Babchuk's a younger, tougher, Jackman pretty much. We have enough snails on defense.
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Postby NIN on Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:54 am

MrKnowNothing wrote:
NIN wrote:Well lets see they traded away the teams leading scorer from 03-04 for what will amount to absolutely nothing so if CP plays his cards right he might be able to trade away one of the NHL's top 5 scorers among defensemen for over the past 70 games played for a 6th round pick.

Yeah that sounds about right. This organization doesnt act when it should and when they do act its WWAAYYYYY too late.

I really don't understand what you mean. Tarnstrom is a power play specialist who is a bottom pairing defenseman if you have the roster spot for him.

Jackman is a project who can't crack the worst defense in the league. Nobody is going to give up much of anything for him.

As for your last statement, if you want to say that about the Pens, I'd agree in general, especially when you look at past deals like the Jagr trade, but not about Tarnstrom or Jackman. They are overglorified for some reason among Penguin fans when they really just don't have that much value leaguewide.

Reminds me of a certain number 11 who used to play defense here.

Well I don't think either of those guys ever came close to hitting Kasparitus status as far as the fans are concerned. Not evern close.

Tarnstrom got the job done. If you want to find a stay at home defenseman that will score less than 10 points a season you can drive around Canada for an hour or so and fill a bus full of them. If you want a guy who can score like say: 62 points in his last 114 games,85 in his last 120, or 54 in his last 94 like Tarnstrom and 2 current Penguin blueliners have. Then your going to have to look real hard. Paul Coffey was awful defensively yet somebody thought he was good enough to make it into the Hall of Fame.

I just think that if they were going to trade Tarnstrom or Jackman they should have done it when there stock was at it's highest. Cross and Rita for Tarnstrom? Another bad trade. Pens are going nowhere fast under the current management.

Postby MrKnowNothing on Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:45 pm

Paul Coffey was on a whole other level than guys we are talking about.

There are quite a few players around who can provide some offensive spark but no defense. I don't think either Tarnstrom or especially Jackman are anywhere near the elite status of a Paul Coffey.

At best, they are servicable bottom pairing PP specialists. The Penguins problem is that they don't have anything in the way of the top 4, so Jackman and Tarnstrom are overexposed. While that isn't really their fault, it is what it is. Neither is a big loss to the team and neither is worth having around much until the team improves the roster a lot.

A specialist like one of those is something you acquire as insurance or as an extra push for a playoff run, not something you want to build around.

Postby NIN on Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:14 pm

So what are you saying? Build around Cross? Build around Rita? Build around a 6th round draft pick? They arent WINNING any deals. CP isnt selling his players or sweetening deals to find an IMPACT player. They are just tredding water until they move. They dont care.


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