Keep up the losing...

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Keep up the losing...

Postby Mountaineer on Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:58 pm

Yes, winning would do well for this team, but other than Crosby and a few others, THIS TEAM HAS NO TALENT!!! First and foremost, a team needs talent to win. Hard work can get you far, but it's talent that puts you over the top. The Pens could desperately use a Kessell or Johnson. So, while a couple wins here and there would be nice to see, I'd much rather have a top pick to go along with Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Whitney, etc.

Postby randy on Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:05 pm

Yeah, it takes no talent to be a first round NHL pick, right?

No other teams wouldve taken Ryan Whitney or Brooks Orpik right, or Army?

Theres enough guys to make a winning team team here. it takes time and patience, and few of you have it. look at Buffalo. And they've had the same caoch and GM for awhile, through some pretty lean times..

Gee, maybe that has something to do with it

Postby Twisted Wrister on Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:10 pm

Jussi Jokeien (sp?) from dallas, I do believe 6th or 8th round pick. Sounds like he has no talent. Hes only 8 for 8 on shootouts
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Postby jmh70 on Thu Feb 02, 2006 4:02 pm

Tanking the rest of the season would be OK if there was another Crosby or Ovechkin in this year's draft. Instead, this draft is basically a grab bag of overrated mid-level prospects. There might be a gem in there somewhere, but, considering the Pens' recent draft history, we won't find him.

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