Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators game notes

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Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators game notes

Postby ShaPe on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:30 am

First of all, wow you guys living in Pittsburgh are LUCKY!
What a game, the speed was unbelievable. Will be hard to go to a elitserie game after this :D

I went early to globen, since I went to the game alone yesterday, I wanted to see how many pens fans where there and chit chat with some. I don't know how TV showed, or what they said on TV. But majority of the people who had a jersey where Pens fans. There where 3 rows just behind pens players with sens fans from Ottawa. I think thats why the players might have thought there where more sens fans in the building.

I met a couple of season tickets holder from Pittsburgh, pens fans from Russia, France, many from Germany and Latvia.

I wanted to buy a white Malkin away jersey or a winter classic Sid, but guess what, only thing have is black Sid ones...

To the game. Oh boy our PP was lost out there, and worst part was they didn't use the point when they could. Malkin couple of times stood wide open tapping his stick on the ice for a shot, Satan (mostly) chose to pass it down low and well they lost the puck.

Neil and Ruutu were head hunting, and Godard got fooled into taking a penalty. Dupuis (I think) slashed Ruutu real bad at the end of the game... but we got lucky there with the no penalty call.

Malkin is sooo strong. Much stronger now than last time I saw him here, when he and AO played for Russia in euro cup finals a couple of years ago.
Sid, brilliant pass to Scuderi, but other than that nothing spectacular from him. His skating, and strenght along the boards is nothing like I've seen before. I can appreciate even these stuff when its in a class of its own :)
Talbot, I love how he plays, I love it even more now. Forechecks like crazy, goes in 100% each shift.

Stupid NHL, they acted like the game was really in Ottawa, all the time, make some nois for your sens, welcome your Ottawa senators, the speaker said, the Ottawa Senators strictly forbid alcohol in the blalbla... kept showing sens video on the jumbotron and so on.
I'm guessing it will be the other way around tonight. But c'mon we all know we are in Sweden, with a mixed fans so give something to both sides. So I hope Kennedy scores another one and maybe we get to hear the MR KENNEDY call :D

All in all a great night for me. Can't wait too meet more pens fans tonight (hopefully Andre too) and get another win.
I tried uploading the pics and videos from practice on Friday and yesterdays game but couldn't get it work. Will post a link as soon as I do it. Probably on Monday cuz I will soon head out for next pens game
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Re: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators game notes

Postby Easton on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:38 am

Nice recap! So you're going to the game tonight too?

By the way, it was Dupuis who slashed Ruutu - but don't believe what you saw. It wasn't as bad as Ruutu made it out to be - he acted like he got shot out there.
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Re: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators game notes

Postby netwolf on Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:45 pm

I think Ottawa was the "home" team yesterday, based on them wearing their home reds. That might explain the PA slant towards Ottawa. With the Pens being "home" today, I'm guessing the PA goes their way.
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Re: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators game notes

Postby André on Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:05 pm

Man I didn't see this until now. Would've been great fun to meet up but when I texted you at the game we were already in our seats and I wasn't going anywhere =)

Wish I saw the first game instead of the second one...
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