Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

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Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

Postby netwolf on Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:42 am

Due to a variety of reasons that no one cares about, I fell behind on these. Think of the following as a trio of sliders...

Stewie Griffin wrote:Now then, I’m going to do something I call the “compliment sandwich”, where I say something good, then talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good.

Caps@Pens, a 4-3 loss
Something good: Special teams were awesome. PK=100% (4/4), PP=50% (3/6)

Where they need improvement: Take your pick. A blown 3 goal lead, getting outshot 21-6 in the third, or Ovechkin running Malkin at every turn and no one responding, especially Hal Gill who appeared to pass up two golden opportunities to bury him from my vantage point in C28.

Something good: Malkin's resilience. Despite the physical onslaught from his countryman, Malkin was still a dominant player, racking up 3 points and firing 9 shots on goal.

Leafs@Pens, a 4-1 win
Something good: Malkin contributing 4 helpers, and hitting 200 career points in the process.

Where they need improvement: I honestly don't remember anything glaring, so I'm going with letting Jason Blake, Piece of Crap get an assist on the lone Leaf goal.

Something good: El Sid raking up a hat trick of milestones - getting your 100th goal, 200th assist, and 300th point all on the same night is pretty cool.

Pens@Bruins, a 2-1 shootout win
Something good: The much-maligned Miro Satan scoring his 4th goal in 5 games.

Where they need improvement: Tough to say, as I had a rec league game and missed the game from about 8:45 on. From what I did see, I thought the Pens weren't aggressive enough. The stats seem to bear that out, with the Pens only drawing 3 power plays.

Something good: Malkin delivering the shootout winner.
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Re: Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

Postby vital beach on Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:57 am

I'll just do the Bruins game

Good: Sabu. It's good to know that if Fleury needs a breather or God forbid something happens to him Sabourin can come in and give the Pens a chance to win.

Bad: I'll pass up the Staal bashing because this thread I'm sure will see more than its fair share of that, so I'll say Satan's shootout attempt. I'm not hating on the guy. I feel he's done what one can reasonably expect Miro Satan to do, and he has been putting up the goals so I can't criticize his play in that regard, but he just came straight down and shot the puck into Thomas's pads. Not good.

Good: Godard looked like an actual hockey player out there. He had a good forecheck going at one point and had an impressive power move to the net. Any contribution you can get out of him is a nice bonus for this team.
vital beach

Re: Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

Postby Eismann on Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:51 am

Leafs v. Pens

Good: Stepping on new coach and uber-villain R. Wilson right off the bat.

Bad: Staal. He fumbled everything and helped nothing. When he stops doing that, he'll stop being in the "Bad" category.

Good: Dearth of Leafs fans at the game.
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Re: Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

Postby shmenguin on Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:12 am

good: goaltending
bad: staal
good: sid and geno together works
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Re: Stewie Grifin Postgame - 3 for 1 special

Postby meecrofilm on Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:34 am


good: As someone mentioned before, Godard looked like a real hockey player out there. Great to see. Hopefully it's not a one time thing.

bad: I know this technically isn't bad, but, the Pens can't continue to rely on spectacular goaltending to bail them out. If their 'tenders perform like half of the league's we'd really be struggling right now.

good: Special Teams continue to look good, even though the PP didn't score. And they're vastly improving on faceoffs! (save for Geno)
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