Wasting Sids Talent....

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Re: Wasting Sids Talent....

Postby Why So Serious? on Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:48 pm

André wrote:
Why So Serious? wrote:
Bob McKenzie wrote:Oooops, sorry about missing Sykora there :) I'm trying to double task :p


Staal - Crosby - Malkin
Satan - Talbot - Sykora
Cooke - Kennedy - Dupuis (Kennedy was a Center in Junior and led the league in faceoff win % as well)
Thomas/Bissonette - Zigomanis - Godard

I knew I was missing someone earlier!

Thomas is in WB/S. And how come Fedotenko isn't in there?

I wouldn't mind:

Fedetenko - Crosby - Malkin
Satan - Staal - Sykora
Cooke - Talbot - Kennedy
Dupuis - Zigo - one of the tough guys

Now with Pesonen getting called up:

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Re: Wasting Sids Talent....

Postby bhaw on Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:22 pm

I was totally against Staal on Crosby's wing before this season, but before MT drops him back to 3rd line duty, I'd like to see a game or two with him up there if Pesonen or Satan is on the other side. What's the worst that happens? He doesn't score? :lol: If the best player in the league can't get him going, drop him back to 3rd line center duty with the other hoagies and grinders.

Since Pesonen is getting called, up, I'd say give him a few shots with Crosby to see what happens:

Godard-Zigomanis-Whoever gets displaced of those guys above

*taking into account Fedotenko is out

Like I said... what's the worst that happens with these lines? We only get one goal again? At best, Staal gets a kick in the pants and Pesonen works.
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