Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

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Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby netwolf on Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:53 am

The last three games have not gone well for the Pens, so Stewie Griffin postgame got behind again. Here is another set of of sliders...

Stewie Griffin wrote:Now then, I’m going to do something I call the “compliment sandwich”, where I say something good, then talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good.

Pens@Rangers, a 3-2 shootout loss
Something good: Darryl Sydor, playing in his second consecutive game, continued to shake the rust off, finished at +2 and banked in a goal of both Ranger defensemen. Good things happen when you shoot the puck.

Where they need improvement: Intensity and focus. Eaton let up on Naslund right as the puck came to him on his goal, and all 3 Penguin forwards seemed to fall asleep after missing the empty net and gave the Rangers a 3 on 2. Good players feast on that kind of time and space.

Something good: Marc Andre Fleury made 42 saves and was key to the one point the Pens did get out of this game.

Pens@Sharks, a 2-1 loss
Something good: Dany Sabourin picked up where he left off in Boston. He kept the Pens hanging around for as long as he could.

Where they need improvement: Pretty much everywhere. 11 shots in a game is unacceptable. They got only won 16 of 46 faceoffs. They continually allowed good chances on Sabourin and couldn't string passes together for anything. Very bad game all the way around.

Something good: The Pens went 6 for 6 on the Penalty Kill, though that's largely attributed to Sabourin again.

Pens@Coyotes, a 4-1 loss
Something good: Fleury kept them in the game for a while again, especially in the first period.

Where they need improvement: They have to start better. Coming off the Sharks loss where they only registered 11 shots, I expected more than 2 shots in the 1st period of this game. They also got out-chanced by a wide margin.

Something good: Malkin got the message and was launching bombs on Bryzgalov from everywhere.
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby penny lane on Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:29 pm

something good~ MCM must be off on a sabbatical :) no grades .
penny lane
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby largegarlic on Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:35 pm

I didn't see the Rangers game, but I thought this would be a good place to add some positive things I noticed from the Sharks and Coyotes games (there are plenty of other threads dealing with the negatives).

1.) The Pens continue to get pretty good goaltending. This is the most comfortable I've felt about the Pens goaltending situation since...I don't know when...Barasso and Wregget?

2.) Considering their relative youth and lack of experience, Letang and Goligoski are playing very well. Letang has gone from 3rd pairing for the most part last year to getting top pairing minutes (he's 2nd in avg. total ice time among d-men) and hasn't completely collapsed under the weight of this increased responsibility. He is solid defensively for the most part (he made a great play to strip the puck from that Coyote on a breakaway last night) and makes good passes for the most part. Sure, we all wish he was contributing more offensively, but I think he is doing well in handling his greater workload. Goligoski has also been susprisingly solid defensively, has shown good poise manning the point on the PP and has shown the ability to carry the puck from the defensive zone through the neutral zone and into the offensive third under control (i.e. without having to dump it in). I was impressed with his one rush last night (maybe in the 2nd?) where he started near his own goal line, avoided one forechecker, went around another Coyote in the neutral zone and gained the blueline in the offensive zome with the puck still on his stick. I don't think the Pens have had someone can bring the puck up like that since Kovalev and haven't had a d-man with that combo of skating and puck control since Coffey (disclaimer: I'm not saying Goligoski is as good as Coffey).

3.) At least last night, I thought the Cooke-Malkin-Sykora line looked good. Crosby's injury may screw up the lines again for a little bit, but I thought that line was able to get some offense going at even-strength, and Malkin and Sykora seem to be re-developing their chemistry.

4.) Satan obviously has a very good nose for the puck around the goal and will score plenty of goals if he is put in the position to do so.
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby Samsdog on Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:52 pm

Forget the Rangers game and missed part of the Sharks game, so gonna just call the Yotes last night...

Good: Agree with the above comment that Satan has an excellent nose for the puck, and is proving to be a pretty decent finisher.

Bad: Oh Captain my Captain...where are you?

Good: Awesome game by Tanger last night. Some very big plays, not the offense we'd like to see, but very solid defensively.
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby DelPen on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:48 pm

For all three games:

Good: We may have the best tandem in net in the East. We certainly aren't losing points due to bad goals.

Bad: Not enough space

Good: Zigomanis is looking great for his role and was a great pickup
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby Sarcastic on Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:13 pm

I like our defense and goaltending very, very, very much. Once Whitney and Gonchar come back, we'll have 4 offensive and 4 defensive d-men. I am particularly impressed with Orpik, Scuderi, and Gill. I think we finally have a respectable defensive unit. Both goalies are playing great.

My problem is with the forwards. I think Malkin is the only serious shooter we have. OK, Sykora's good. That's it. Haven't seen Satan really shoot yet. We have too many checkers and not enough shooters. We don't shoot enough. Even if we did, we don't have good shooters.

Staal can't do anything right offensively, it seems. I don't even want to start on him here, but I am just watching how he compares to Lucic by year's end. Same draft, same age, same size. Staal pick #2. I think Lucic was #50.

We need to trade 1 or 2 of these checkers we have for a couple of shooters. Even if they're not stars, but get some good 40-50 points a season. I think a mediocre shooter will get his stats up playing with Crosby. A grinder who gets 40 points a year, like Dupious, most likely can't.

I'm still not sure how I feel about MT's system, but I will say that I am impressed with our overall defensive game (minus an occasional goof by GoGo, but I'll happily accept that as part of his learning process). If we could just add a bit more offense on top of that, we'd be set.
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Rangers, Sharks, and Coyotes

Postby Eismann on Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:26 pm

PHX, SJ games:

good: Not getting down 80-0 in the first period, despite inability to collectively find their behinds.

bad: Dump offense. This is so the same stuff they've been doing the last few years to start the season. Even when the transition out of the d end is there, they dump at the first sign of pressure, often before. Last year, this didn't go away that much, but enough to signify more confidence in their ability to recover the turnover and make something happen.

good: It's still October.
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