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Re: Mark Eaton

Postby npv708 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:48 pm

Samsdog wrote:Given the obscenely low amount of time Eaton has played the last two seasons I'd like to see some time before I pass final judgment. It's a crowded blue line, to be sure, but I think he could fit into the top 6. I'd think its going to be one of the offensive d-men that goes, there's four of them and personally I like the o-man paired with a d-man formula. Either Gonchar if he waives his NTC or one of Gogo and Letang, just because they're very very similar players. My thought is the younger they can keep the team the better, so I'd like to see either Gonch take a serious paycut or leave, as much as it would hurt the powerplay in the short term.

I kinda agree with this...

The way I see in terms of potential and playing style, Gogo = Gonchar and Letang = Whitney. What i mean is that they're obviously not at that level currently, but thats the type of styles and potential they have. And yes that does mean Letang could win the Norris too... But i don't think we need two of each. so who gets bumped...Gonchar is older and his contract will be up soon and I feel that Gogo will be able to take over for Gonchar eventually.

So here's my top six:

Whitney - Orpik
Letang - Eaton
Goligoski - Scdueri.

the first d pairing is obvious, but the other two are interchangeable, but i like letang with eaton better as they played well together for that short time last year.
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Re: Mark Eaton

Postby 71 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:40 pm

Sam's Drunk Dog wrote:I would like to keep all three.

But if you had to trade one to get a young dynamic winger that would give Crosby/ Malkin someone who they could play with long term, who would you trade? For Vermette, I don't think the Sens would take just Gogo. They would want someone else too. They would probably take Whits or Letang straight up for Vermette, I'd want more than just Vermette in return.

If you take Vermette out of the equation, who would land a young dynamic winger?

I'm not sure if trading Gonchar would. Maybe if the trade involves Tampa or Atlanta, but I think that most GMs are putting an emphasis on youth, and only look to add veterans during free agency or at the trade deadline to get them over the hump.

If Ottawa would need a Goligoski type player + something else for Vermette I think you'll see him in a Senator uniform until he is an UFA after the 09-10 season. He's not that special of a player to command that kind of package. He's 26 already, averages less than 1/2 a point per game, makes 2.76 mil, and is only signed until the end of next season.

I'd rather go the route of not taking an average deal and seeing if you can just resign Goligoski, if it's for less than 2.76 mil he's cheaper than Vermette and if he signs an offer sheet for over what you can afford, say a Whitney type 24 million 6 year deal, you let him walk and take the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks. The Pens have 5.2 mil coming off the books from Gill, Boucher, and Scuds this summer and you have 5 d-men signed for next year.
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