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Letang and Goligoski

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Re: Letang and Goligoski

Postby Why So Serious? on Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:47 am

tombarrassorules wrote:
Old Time Hockey wrote:Ok, I have been holding my tongue all season until now. Everyone sings the praise of both of these guys, but I have not seen anything from them. They have been disappointing all season to me, but everyone praises them like they are playing well. Wake Up People, these two guys are not playing well! The reason we lost tonight is that both of these guys are SOFT in front of the net. Goligoski should be ashamed of himself for letting Gaustad bully him in front of the net on the last goal which cost us the game. MT needs to call both of them out in the post game show because if they were not so SOFT in front of the net, the Pens would have won this game. All night long, the Sabres would drive to the net and the Pens defensemen would have no answer for them. Curry made some great saves tonight, but he sits too far back in his crease which is my only complaint about him.

this is a funny post.

sometimes dudes have bad games.

also, saying that you havent seen anything from letang and gogo all season means you dont know what you're looking for. unless your name is nick lidstrom, sergei gonchar, shea weber, or dion phaneuf, chances are if you're a defensemen you dont want your name being called.

if you wanna talk about being soft in front of the net last night, look up the name Orpik. it happens.

all young d-men struggle in their own end at first so i wouldnt say that its uncommon. offensively, letang has dropped acid all season. a lot of "Pens fans" who arent real "hockey fans" think that a d man isnt good unless he crushes dudes in his own zone and blasts slappers top shelf from the point. there are a lot of things letang is doing that most guys his age cant do yet or arent confident enough to do yet. same with gogo. the guy is a rookie.

neither will win the norris, but both move the puck as well as most defensmen, let alone defensemen their age, in the NHL.

Exactly. Well-typed. You hit the nail on the head.

And to add to that, don't forget about the pressure that has been mounted on these kids. They are supposed to be our offensive threat from the defense position and they are counted upon to REPLACE Gonchar and Whitney. That is asking a lot from a 21 year old second-year NHLer and a 23 year old rookie. I wish people would just think about things like that before posting such absurd remarks.
Why So Serious?
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Re: Letang and Goligoski

Postby Kicksave on Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:23 am

Alex Goligoski was the worst 2nd round draft pick, ever.
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Re: Letang and Goligoski

Postby Jasmine on Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:47 am

What is it . . . the holiday season making everyone crazy?
May I ask what is the age (let alone hockey knowledge) of the posters here picking on 20-21yo players? I didn't realize that Letang and Gogo (and Staal) should have peaked by now! :shock:
Even great teams (like Detroit) take time to develop - since the Cup winners from last year (and their coach) took several years of disappointment before that group got to raise the banner. It doesn't happen overnight OR ALL AT ONCE. Ray Shero has promised (forgotten already?) to give us fans a team that competes every year (ala the Red Wings). The age mix and talent on this team is perfect. I just don't see what there is to complain about! :?
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