Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby rasbatch on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:19 am

Jim wrote:I like what I have seen of Wallace.

This thread is another example of how people can not disconnect Playstation style hockey from reality.

Sorry the cheetos dust made my finger stick to the triangle button.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby bh on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:37 am

71 wrote:When everybody is healthy the depth will be fine:
My preference
healthy scratch
Godard, Taffe, Stone, Minard etc.

healthy scratch
Scuderi, Eaton, Gill

Shero will have a plethora of NHL caliber d-men on his roster once everyone comes back and I can see him moving at least 1 by the deadline for forward depth, but even if he didn't I still like our forwards when healthy and think the Pens can roll three solid lines with the hot hand between Cooke, Talbot, Kennedy, and Dupuis skating with Sid and Satan. This is still a team we haven't seen yet this year with Whits and Sarge being out and when they come back I like the Pens top 6 d-men as much as any team's in the league.

That is a solid lineup. Thanks 71, I needed to see that.

This team is facing some serious adversity right now, but I think that it's a good thing. They will come out of it better in the long run. So many key players have been hurt (Fluery, Gonchar, Whitney, Gill, Kennedy, etc) that it's seems like they have a hard time finding thier rhythm. When I see the roster healthy again, it's a really good team.

Sid will find his fire again. He's soul searching this year. He just seems a little off and him off is still a good player, we just need him to get to upper level again.

Really the only players I'd like to see replaced are Satan and Danny S. Sometimes I think it would have been nice to have got Hagman last year.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby 71 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:57 am

The Current One wrote:Looking at the Baby Pens roster, can anyone honestly say that there's anyone on that team with top-line potential? Look at their leading scorers - Minard, Taffe, Pesonen, Stone and James. Dime-a-dozen guys who are projected as nothing more than third or fourth liners in the NHL. Jeffrey has all of four goals, and Caputi seven. Right now, they're fourth or fourth in their division, and guess whose farm team is in first? That's right, the Caps (Hershey). Drafting Sid and Geno were no-brainers, but it's the gems in the later rounds that the Pens never seem to find, like Zetterberg or Franzen from Detroit. As for Kennedy, you can project all you want, but he'll never be anything more than an energy guy on the third line who can score the odd goal here or there. Do you think he'd even be on Detroit's roster?

Johan Franzen has never scored more than 37 PTS in a season, is extremely fragile i.e injury prone, and he's 29 years old. Tyler Kennedy is 22, was almost a point per game producer in the AHL, and has 34 PTS in his first 79 GP in the NHL. Do you really think there's that much of a talent gap between the two? If Pesonen, who is very gifted from a raw talent standpoint, was playing almost exclusively on the first two lines and getting extensive ice time he could IMO put up similar numbers to Franzen in his first few years in the NHL. Jeffery and Caputi are both only 20 years old and need more time to delevop in the AHL but they certainly have top-line potential. And speaking of gems in the later rounds you've got Goligoski(2nd round), Letang(3rd round), Kenneddy(4th round), and Talbot(8th round) all contributing in the NHL and all off them are 24 or younger.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby doublewinder on Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:18 pm

HF rated the Pens farm system in the bottom 10.
Also...being a top contender for the AHL Calder Cup means nothing...except you have a lot of career AHLers.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby purelebo84 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:24 pm

Rob Scuderi is not being scratched for the playoffs, and neither is Gill.

The only way Gogo sticks around, unfortunately, is if we carry eight through the playoffs, and even then he might not stay.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby Samsdog on Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:52 pm

I'm not going to pretend that some of the AHL call-ups haven't been somewhat underwhelming (although given the 3 game average that most of these guys have been given to adjust to what is a far more challenging league I'm not going to consider that as anything more than the players being juggled to quickly), but saying that the Penguins have no NHL depth is laughable. This team is nothing BUT depth. How many teams can field a third line like the one the Penguins put out when TK is healthy? That Cooke-Staal-Kennedy unit is a huge pacesetter, brings energy to the team, and can both score goals and put immense amounts of pressure on opposing units. You would rather have Dubinsky-Zherdev-Voros? The only team in the conference who has a third line to match the Pens is Boston. As for the fourth line, Zigomanis is no less than an average fourth liner, maybe even slightly above on a good night. Godard is the same as every fourth line enforcer in the league. Talbot's a good, skilled, gritty guy for the fourth line as well. The defense is solid all the way through, even if you don't like Gill and Eaton they rarely play more than 3rd pairing minutes when everyone's healthy and they're certainly not worse than any other teams third pairing/seventh defensemen (outside of outstanding defensive teams like Vancouver). Your third and fourth lines show how much depth a team has.Yeah the top-six may leave the casual fan searching for better wings than Dupuis and Satan, but those aren't your depth players. To me, depth means being able to field threats outside of the top line and the second line, and the Penguins have nothing if not an outstanding shove-it-down-your-throat third line and a nothing less than decent fourth line. The problem isn't in team depth, it's in the team's primary threats, and frankly I don't even think that's a big problem with Satan playing pretty well yesterday and Sykora getting back on track. If you're going to throw something like this out there, think it through instead of just parroting the same arguments you hear every season when things don't go the Pens way every game.
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Re: Pens have no depth at NHL or AHL level

Postby eastonpensfan on Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:12 pm

If threads could get whacked for stupidity, this one would have been gone a long time ago.
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