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Would sending Goligoski down...

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Re: Would sending Goligoski down...

Postby Pens4Life on Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:31 pm

I think GoGo must play regular minutes in NHL or just send him down to WBS and let him play there top pair minutes with Lovejoy.
He must develop and improve his play in,but there is no way i would trade Gogo away as many suggested..
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Re: Would sending Goligoski down...

Postby Draftnik on Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:09 pm

The one area where Whitney has failed is playing the right point on the PP. It is odd since he primarily plays on the right side at ES, but he wasn't able to run things effectively from the right point and keep the puck in like the Gonch. I have been a frequent Gonch critic, but he does have an uncanny ability to work the right point despite being a left handed player (like Whitney). As far as Gogo goes, he is left handed and I didn't think he was very effective the times I saw him play the right point. Letang is right handed, but he doesn't move the puck very quickly at rapid NHL tempo (he tends to hold it) and doesn't really have superior passing vision or skills at this early time of his NHL career. Plus he hasn't been very accurate or effective with his shot until last game.

The PP configuration changed with Crosby moving to the left side goal line on the boards last game. It gives the Pens (Sid) better passing angles to work Sykora in the slot and Geno on the right point for one timers. Hopefully the Gonch gets back soon, but the net of the situation seems to be the Pens really don't have a guy that can effectively run things from the right point without the Gonch. Maybe things will flow better by moving the setup to the left side with Whitney at the left point and Crosby in his new left side position until the Gonch gets back.
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Re: Would sending Goligoski down...

Postby burghsportsguys on Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:17 pm

darkstar57 wrote:As for the whole he is better on the PP then whitney, i am sorry but our PP sucked with Gogo et all. playing the points this year. We actually have turned it around the past 5 games with whitney.

Dude, from game one when Whitney came back until they moved Sid, the Pens went on a streak of like 1 for 50 on the PP. And Whitney played about 95% of those PP minutes. Relative to Whitney, maybe you can knock him for his size or inexperience, but when it comes to the PP, you're barking up the wrong tree.
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Re: Would sending Goligoski down...

Postby HomerPenguin on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:15 am

Mongoose87 wrote:We're discussing Whitney's plus/minus. The point, which you're so deliberately eluding, is that Whitney has not had the benefit of playing with the team when they were playing well, which skews his plus/minus toward the negatives.

Isn't it just a tiny little bit possible, in some small way, that Whitney has contributed to the team not playing well? I'm not asking for you to go very far on this, just the acknowledgment that it's possible that Whitney could be a contributor to the team's poor play and not just an innocent victim of same.
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