Who else is going to the game tomorrow night?

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Postby NIN on Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:12 am

Ben Klingston wrote:Maybe you can break out a mom-related joke for a NINism after a goal tomorrow night. That is, if the Pens actually score a goal.

A NINism eh? :o I like the sound of that. hmmmmm family board rules never stopped me before but I'll keep it tasteful. This should give me something to ponder at my breakfast meeting tommarrow. :D

1 win for month of February

Postby penny lane on Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:16 am

last home game till 3/1...got to be there!

maybe Bill Cowher will bring some steeler fun with him...maybe
the Vince trophy too!

footnote...during the superbowl they showed commercials/ PSA
from NFL of the seahawks/steelers posing with the Lombardi
trophy. Very nicely done in black/white.
I kept telling my family no way would hockey players
be touching the stanely before 7th game. Brother-in-Law had
good point, NHL would if they made the $$$ NFL does.

Also, can't the NHL TV do individual introductions for national
games. Pre-recorded, like I'm Brooks Orpik from Boston College.
Sid Crosby from Roumoniski (?)
penny lane
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NHL Third Liner
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Postby RedLightDistrict on Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:26 am

I'll be there.

Postby spoon on Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:30 pm

Ben Klingston wrote:South E = Best seat in the house.

Do you and Peter feed each other popcorn and wipe the nacho cheese off each other's chin? :lol:
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