I found this fascinating in the Det-Dal game yesterday.

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I found this fascinating in the Det-Dal game yesterday.

Postby yeltzen on Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:02 pm

On Detroit's PP, they have a point man (Lidstrom) with a great shot.
So, how does their power play work? They feed the puck to Lidstrom and he one-times it to the net. He took probably 5 shots in the power play I saw at the end of the game. Granted, it was a 4-on-3, but still. He lined up near the top of the circle and just ripped it.

We have a guy (Gonchar) with maybe an even better shot. But he just refuses to use it. The Pens power play should look similar to Detroit's. If you have Crosby on the ice, they at least have to respect him a little bit. Just feed the puck to Gonchar and let him rip it. That's what he was brought here to do. Lay down the law. Tell him if he doesn't want to shoot, he can just take a hike to the press box.

I can't understand why our power play has to be this super puck-movement deal where the only play is Crosby to Recchi or vice versa. Gonchar should just be firing that puck the whole time and Crosby/Ouellet should be hammering at rebounds.

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