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Thank goodness for the Olympics....

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Thank goodness for the Olympics....

Postby Mountaineer on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:23 pm

It will be so nice to watch talented players for once....Not this miserable collection of stiffs. I can't wait to see Malkin against NHL competition. He and Ovechkin should make for a very exciting Russian team.

Pens fans, enjoy it while it lasts, because after the two weeks of Olympic hockey are over, it's back to reality, back to watching losers such as Endicott and Koltsov, Jackman and Odelein. How depressing indeed.

Postby Shinoix on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:35 pm

There are a handful on players that I'd like to see next year...and only that handful. Unfortunately, there will be alot more than that handful returning.

Crosby, Ouellet, Surovy, Recchi, Bogs, Armstrong, Malone, are pretty much the only forwards i care about.

LeClair, Rita, Koltsov, Endicott, and Roy I could do without.

On d, Gonchar will hopefully be better next year, so I'll say yes to him. Whitney i'd like to see back, but I'd also like to see him start improving more, he's kind of at a standstill. Scuderi I'd also like back, and Orpik.

Melichar, Odelien, Cross, Cairns, and Jackman I woudln't lose much sleep over...maybe Jackman...but meh, he's not THAT outstanding.

Now keep in mind, those guys I said that I would like to see back would have their roles changed in a perfect world. Those guys woudln't be our first line forwards, with the exception of Crosby. They would be bumped to 3rd , 4th line duties, with maybe a couple 2nd liners.

We need to fill alot of gaps in the offseason.

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