My personal lossing streak oozes to 0-14-5

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My personal lossing streak oozes to 0-14-5

Postby NIN on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:37 pm

NOTE: This streak is years in the making, not just this season!!

Yes folks after posting that I would NOT attend tonights game I figured I would throw the team a curveball and sneak into section d-24 and enjoy a win. It has been SO LONG that I am no longer a fan, I am a zombie. Yes I have become the walking dead and I sometimes revisit the places I USE TO enjoy when I was among the living. The nachos taste the same, but the reason for being there has changed dramatically.

For me the highlight of the game was the opening scratches. When I heard the names Sturm and Gonchar I dared to dream a tiny dream inside my head. In this dream a trade was being bartered between Patrick and the Bruins GM. Patrick stood up and boldly stated,"we arent giving you Christensen but I WILL conceed Surovy to accompany Gonchar for Sturm. Another drink sir? Yes drink up....nothing to fear from this delicious beverage...." When I came to my senses I noticed the Pens had 0 shots on goal but I missed half of the first period.

The guys in front of me were very gay yinzers. Alot of chriping about how great the team use to be and how cool their mullets were like 25 years ago when the were kissing their cousins. Sad that the game was even more lame than that.

Jackman is the only blueliner that knows how to hit someone IN STRIDE. Not behind them, not in their feet, but just out in front enough to get the skates going before catching it. Fleruy is tremendous and whatever contract he gets next season it wont be enough in my opinion. Whitney is trying but there is just no fire or urgency in his game. The stick is too long for the kid too, he cannot use the reach with any quickness, will somebody PLEASE COACH HIM??
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I am sad to sayt that my record is 1 and 11

Postby spi on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:46 pm

My only win was against washington when they went up by 4 goals and almost lost.

To be honest, right now I could care less about what is going on on the ice, their off ice future keeps me awake at night. The losing wouldnt be so hard to take if I knew they'd be around for the future.

Listening to Bob Grove after the game made me even more depressed to know exactly how dire the situattion has gotten. The team is now at the point that it is such a reality that they may leave that they are on a fullout PR blitz.

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Postby the wicked child on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:52 pm

Even I couldn't get a win in the game I went to... and the Pens had previously never lost a game I attended. :(

At this point, I highly doubt we are going to beat any temas not named Washington. :(
the wicked child
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Postby Stevens25 on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:56 pm

My record at games this year is 2-3. The two wins I went to just happened to be some of the best games. I went to that game vs. Montreal when Sid the Kid scored in the shootout to win it,and I went to a game against Wash.(I think) and the Pens won like,6-4.

Postby jmh70 on Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:01 am

I am 0-3-1 so far this season. I am seeing two more games, though I'm not sure why.

Postby Fast B on Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:21 am

Damn man. I'm only 1-1 myself, but that's only because airfare's a killer. :P
Fast B
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Postby NIN on Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:25 am

Fast B wrote:Damn man. I'm only 1-1 myself, but that's only because airfare's a killer. :P

actually for this season I am only 0-3-1. That streak is years in the making.

Re: My personal lossing streak oozes to 0-14-5

Postby NIN on Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:02 am

ziggystardust wrote:
Jackman might be the only defenseman who can hit, but it doesn't matter.
hits don't matter. playing good defense is what matters, and jackman just can't do that. he's absolutely terrible. he hurts the team, and last night with gonchar out he was the worst defenseman on the ice.

I was refferring to his passing when I said "in stride". His poor defenseive play is nothing new, its the offense you need to focus on. That is what is going to increase his trade value.

Re: My personal lossing streak oozes to 0-14-5

Postby NIN on Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:06 am

ziggystardust wrote:
oh. lol

I just woke up after only three hours of sleep. I think i get a pass on idiocy at this point.

Any compliment thrown Jackmans way is always tough to accept with only 3 hours sleep. :wink:

Postby freq019 on Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:52 am

2-4-1 This year and I am going to go to the caps game on saturday and possibly the one in march and 3 more home games so I could in theory pull out a winning record
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Postby Kicksave on Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:52 am

Well its safe to say that you are not allowed to goto any more Penguin games until we get a new arena.
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Postby letsgopens66 on Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:47 pm

I guess I have the best record at 2-0-1. I got to see them win 2 away games (they have only won 5 all season). I was at the OT games in Philly and NJ that they won and the recent shoot out loss to the Islanders. I don't get to see too many games living in eastern PA and going to college at the University of Delaware.
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