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Postby DelPen on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:53 am

So here's the waiver exempt players with how many more years and games they have left:

Tangradi (1 year, 120 games)
Sneep (1 year, 59 games)
Despres (1 year, 142 games)
Dumoulin (3 years, 160 games)
Morrow (4 years, 160 games)
Samuelsson (3 years, 160 games)
Bennett (3 years, 160 games)
Grant (1 year, 160 games)
Petersen (1 year, 80 games)
Killeen (3 years, 60 games)
Gibbons (3 years, 60 games)
Thompson (1 year, 80 games)

And players that now need to clear:

Pretty sure this is correct, if anyone cares about any other younger players I can add them and if someone sees something wrong I'll update the list (Grant I am pretty sure he's exempt one more year).

We have been discussing losing players like Strait or Bortuzzo due to a glut of defensemen. But at this point Tangradi could be bumped down to WBS again since he can still pass through waivers untouched.
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Re: Waivers

Postby mikey287 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:00 pm

First thanks for making this, these types of posts are always valuable...

I used to be a CBA encyclopedia virtually, but over the years, some of it has left my mind...just at the ol' eye ball test of it...Tangradi doesn't matter because it's one year or X games, so he'll be exempt this year and eligible next year no matter what and waiver eligibility does not change over the course of a season. But I believe once he hits 80 he's eligible (so, 37 more). Again, though, waiver eligibility doesn't change mid-year so, you're right in the sense that he's exempt for this season only.

I think you're right with Sneep also. But I believe Grant would be waiver eligible...and I never considered him before. But he's a year older in terms of professional seasons. I think he would need waivers this year, wanna take a second look at him and maybe you'll come to the same conclusion? I'm not (never) 100% sure on waiver eligibility...but I think you nailed it, minus Grant which I would put in the "maybe" pile right now until further notice...
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