Why the bashing of Martin before the season even starts?

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Re: Why the bashing of Martin before the season even starts?

Postby ExPatriatePen on Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:09 am

Lt. Dish wrote:
mikey287 wrote:
Lt. Dish wrote:
ExPatriatePen wrote:1984-1985 #7 Rod Buskas

Seriously, until Ryan Whitney... No Penguin was blamed more than Rod for Penguins losses.

I think it's Rod Buskas' birthday, according to Empty Netters.

And yes, Rod Buskas was a regular in the fans' stockade.

Can either of you shed a little more light on this please? If memory allows, what was it that made fans dislike him? Same thing as Stackhouse? Hatcher? Whitney? I wouldn't necessarily guess so because Buskas wasn't an offensive defenseman, but when there's a pattern like that, you take a shot...

I'll just speak for myself and the fans in my family. We didn't dislike him because he didn't produce offensively; he wasn't an offensive D-man and it would've been silly to expect him to be (his career high goals was 3). I remember him just being incredibly frustrating, and the reason was simple: An incredible lack of discipline. It seemed he was undisciplined at the worst possible times (not that there's a great time to be undisciplined). You know how it seems some D-men are often looking for the next big hit instead of playing the position? I recall him looking for the next fight instead. That's my recollection, anyway.

I concur.

You do have to remember that Rod played on some Penguins teams that weren't just bad, they were actually some of the worst performing teams EVER in the NHL. It had to have been horribly frustrating to go out on the ice knowing you were going to get destroyed. Then, in Mario's first year, you were going to get beat, and your young superstar was going to get beat on. I don't know that *I* could have held my cool in that situation.

Lt's right, Buskas lost his cool easily, which wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world, except he wasn't much of a fighter either. :)
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