Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

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Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby Admin on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:58 pm Ticket Selling/Trading Rules

Any posts made that violate the following rules will be deleted.

    1: Only post in this thread if you have tickets available. If you are looking for tickets for a specific game and don't see them listed, you may post as well. No "looking for any tickets" posts please.

    2: One post per person. Everyone can edit their post as needed by clicking on the edit button Image in the upper right corner of your post. If you no longer have any tickets available, just edit your post to that effect and we can delete it for you.

    3: The post should include the full seat location (section, row, and seat number or numbers), the date of the game, the start time, the opponent, and the seller's preferred method of contact. Any other details are optional including, but not limited to, asking price, shipping costs, and delivery method. If you are seeking to trade games, you may also include a list of games you are looking for.

    4: If you are interested in buying from/trading with someone, contact that person directly, either via PM, e-mail, or whatever method the seller lists in their post. Do not post (in this thread or anywhere else) asking for details.

    5:, it's staff and it's ownership assume no responsibility regarding any potential transactions. This thread is merely provided to consolidate information.
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Re: Official 2013 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby Why Not Us on Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:13 pm

I'm willing to listen to what games people are interested in for $125 total for 2 tix in 231 Row G Seats 14-15.

The Devils games, Oct 18 vs Isles and Mar 28 vs Coyotes and home opener are only ones not available.
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Re: Official 2013 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby sdadowski on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:21 am

Section 212
Row G Seats 3 & 4
PENS shoot twice on this end...directly behind net

$145 for the pair
Discount for multiple games

Send me an email: or PM
Money through PayPal...Can email tickets, hand deliver in the area, or mail them

Wednesday January 7; 8:00pm; Boston
Sunday January 18; 12:30pm; New York Rangers SOLD
Wednesday January 21; 7:00pm; Chicago
Sunday February 1; 2:00pm; Nashville SOLD
Wednesday February 11; 8:00pm; Detroit
Tuesday February 17; 7:00pm; Washington
Thursday February 19; 7:00pm; Columbus
Sunday February 22; 7:00pm; Florida
Sunday March 1; 5:00pm; Columbus SOLD
Saturday March 14; 1:00pm; Boston SOLD
Sunday March 15; 7:30pm; Detroit
Tuesday March 24; 7:00pm; St. Louis
Saturday March 28, 1:00pm; Arizona SOLD
Sunday March 29; 7:30pm San Jose
Friday April 10; 7:00pm; New York Islanders SOLD

Keep checking for updated games!
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Re: Official 2013 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby DMcGrew on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:49 pm

2 tickets available for several games. Section 224, row H.

Payment must be made via Paypal. Tickets will be transferred (emailed) to you through Ticketmaster.

Prices below are for the pair of tickets.

PM me if you are interested in any of the following games that I have available..

Thursday October 16 Dallas Stars (Team Calendar) $100
Wednesday October 22 Philadelphia Flyers $130
Thursday October 30 Los Angeles Kings $100
Wednesday November 26 Toronto Maple Leafs $100
Wednesday December 31 Carolina Hurricanes $100
Tuesday January 13 Minnesota Wild (Evgeni Malkin bobblehead) $120
Wednesday January 21 Chicago Blackhawks $110
Tuesday February 17 Washington Capitals $130
Sunday February 22 Florida Panthers $100
Sunday March 1 Columbus Blue Jackets $120
Tuesday March 24 St. Louis Blues $100
Sunday March 29 San Jose Sharks $100
Friday April 10 New York Islanders (fan appreciation night) $140
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby JJMuse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:50 pm

I have a half season plan B season ticket plan in section 114 row M seats 11 &12 (aisle) that I am looking to split with three other people. This would mean that each person would be getting 5 games plus pre season and playoffs.

These tickets will be sold at cost. I am looking for the next generation of Pens fans. Fans who have not had the opportunity in the past. So with that in mind priority will be given to the people that have some kids between the ages of 7 to 19.

Once the people have been selected we will meet and have a draft of the 20 games, the only thing that I ask is that I have the first pick. The draft order will be selected from a hat and all the games will be selected and distributed that night.

The cost of the package is $1,233.75 which will need to be paid in full before the draft. The Playoffs are a big responsibility and have been a problem in the past with people choosing not to go to the games because of the keep that in mind.

Interested and serious inquires only please contact me @

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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby kovalevrulz27 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:31 am

Hi everyone. I have an amazing pair of season tickets located in section 205 row N. These are on the face-off dot on the side the Pens shoot 2x. These seats are handicapped accessible but perfectly fine for 2 able bodied people. There are some special perks with these seats- you get unlimited legroom and the chairs are comfy and have their own cup holders (something regular seats don't offer!) In addition, your seats are directly behind the Smokehouse BBQ and Burgatory, the two most popular eateries in the arena!!! I sell most all of my games and they always go quickly (the unlimited legroom is a HUGE perk). If interested in any games let me know via message immediately and we'll work something out. I can meet in person, or accept Paypal and mail or email you the tickets.

Please email me at for the quickest response.

I've sold these for years and always have repeat customers, so contact me today to get your game of choice before they're gone. Some of you I've actually met through this board! Thanks for reading.
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby hbysmd on Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:51 am

I have 2 tickets in section 110 row V on the aisle (directly beside the captain morgan club.) I am willing to sell any game that you may be interested in. These seats are where the pens shoot twice and pretty close to the blue line. No blind spots and very easy access. I am willing to make deals on multiple games sold. I am asking 300 for the pair to any game. However, you can make an offer on the more important games (promotion games, home opener, philly/rangers etc.) and I will accept the highest offer. I will accept paypal or meet in person. Please email me and not pm me. My email is:

I will not go any lower on cost as I would go to the game instead so please dont offer. thanks. LGP
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby Batman15 on Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:21 pm

Two tickets together in 118 Row U. Price is total for both seats, all tickets will be emailed. Please email me at if interested, I don't check PMs often. Limited selection this year - repeat buyers had first pick.

4/1 Flyers 8pm $350
4/10 Islanders 7pm $350 sold pending payment
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby relantel on Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:10 pm

long range result of our trip to Saturday's win over the Islanders - our 5yo (who didn't go) says he wants to go to a hockey game. So on the lookout for four together for a Saturday game or Sunday afternoon game, probably limited on paying ability to the upper bowl. Opponent choice not important. Travel due distance is what limits us to those days, unless we take off of work. Slim pickins I bet. (Strange being on this end of it, when I was a STH it was the other end, but that was so long ago now...)
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby PensFan29 on Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:25 pm

I have two tickets for sale in Section 116 Row Q (17th Row) on the aisle. Price of tickets is $240 ($120 Each) with a discount for multiple games bought. Games will be deleted as they sell. If interested please email me at

WED NOV 26, 2014 MAPLE LEAFs 7:30 PM

THU DEC 4, 2014 CANUCKS 7:00 PM
SAT DEC 6, 2014 SENATORS 1:00 PM
FRI DEC 12, 2014 FLAMES 7:00 PM
MON DEC 15, 2014 LIGHTNING 7:00 PM
THU DEC 18, 2014 AVALANCHE 7:00 PM

SUN JAN 18, 2015 RANGERS 12:30 PM


WED FEB 11, 2015 RED WINGS 8:00 PM
TUE FEB 17, 2015 CAPITALS 7:00 PM

MARCH 2015
THU MAR 12, 2015 OILERS 7:00 PM
SAT MAR 14, 2015 BRUINS 1:00 PM
SUN MAR 15, 2015 RED WINGS 7:30 PM
TUE MAR 24, 2015 BLUES 7:00 PM
SAT MAR 28, 2015 COYOTES 1:00 PM
SUN MAR 29, 2015 SHARKS 7:30 PM
APRIL 2015
WED APR 1, 2015 FLYERS 8:00 PM
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby King Sid the Great 87 on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:21 pm

Giving up my season tickets. They are in 224, but you get an opportunity during the summer to move to any available seats.

Asking $200 to transfer ownership. Invoice for next season will likely be sent out in Feb with 20% down due on next season in March.
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby Malkin0017 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:58 pm

2 tickets available to the following games. Section 215 Row M on the aisle in the end the Penguins shoot twice.

Payment must be made via PayPal. Tickets can be emailed or mailed whichever you prefer.

Prices below are for the pair.

Text me at 412-657-0522 or via email at if you are interested in any of the following games that I have available..

Wednesday December 31 Carolina Hurricanes $150
Wednesday January 21 Chicago Blackhawks $150
Tuesday February 17 Washington Capitals $150
Thursday March 12 Edmonton Oilers $150
Wednesday April 1 Philadelphia Flyers $200
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Re: Official 2014 Ticket Selling and Trading Thread

Postby Ossa on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:43 pm

Game 1 [Monday 4/20]:
2 Tickets Available
Center Ice Section: 203 Row: J (Aisle)
$90 each

Game 2 [Wednesday 4/22]:
2 Tickets Available
Center Ice Section: 203 Row: J (Aisle)
$90 each

Cheaper than Ticketmaster!!!
These tickets would cost $129.50 each if you buy from Ticketmaster.
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