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Re: 1/29/13 Islanders v. Penguins- Official Game Thread

Postby DelPen on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:32 pm

sil wrote:Here's a scary question...sans the few short weeks at the end of last season, when was the last time Malkin played at his best while Crosby was also healthy and in the lineup? If you recall the season when Sid was injured, Malkin was on his second season in a row of less-than-stellar play, but then he too was injured. Last year he was on fire, but Sid was out for all but a few weeks. It just worries me a tad that we really haven't seen these two both at their best and at the same time since 2009.

Right when Sid came back in March and until we had the meltdown in Ottawa where they all luaghed at the anthems Malkin was great. Of course a 3-2 loss to Philly was in there too. That's when the wheels fell of though last year, that Ottawa game. Rest of the year was just sloppy even when we won.
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