Is this the toughest Pens team ever

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Re: Is this the toughest Pens team ever

Postby Steve on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:40 pm

Steve MacIntyre wrote:Now it is.
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Re: How does this Pen's team compare...

Postby offsides on Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:25 pm

Pitts wrote:
Steve Dave wrote:What I meant was compared with the rest of the league as well, sorry. Yes that Pens team was tough but it was a different era of hockey where enforcers were the norm. There were a few teams as tough as the Pens back then but today I can't think of a team in the league right now prepared to battle the Pens in a 7 game series...Boston maybe.

Oh, no prob! In the East, I do not think there is a comparable. Boston is close, but the Pens won both the Morrow and Iginla trades over them and they "settled", if you can call it that, for Jagr. I think, due to that fact, the Pens became a lot tougher to play against. And, the Pens are doing it without their 3 top forwards and 2nd best defenseman right now. Boston seems to have struggled when their best (Bergeron, Marchant, etc.) get injured.

In the West, only Chicago makes me nervous as they are nearly as deep and skilled as the Pens. Anaheim, maybe on the toughness scale.

The Pens are proving to be a juggernaut right now. I hope it continues to translate to playoff success.

Yep, they sure are heading into the playoffs much, much better than last years squad.
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