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Re: Iginla - class act

Postby Lt. Dish on Wed May 15, 2013 2:03 pm

GreenLantern wrote:
ExPatriatePen wrote:I'm wondering if we still have a bunch of fans in Calgary pulling for the Pens in order to see Iginla get his first cup

Yes, somewhere around 1 million or so...

Iggy has been a quiet performer on the Pens, steadily putting up points and an absolute beast on the PP. His 5 on 5 play has not bee the greatest, but I have seen him play more defense 5 on 5 in 20 games with the pens than the last 2 seasons with the Flames.. maybe not being the top dog anymore has humbled him a bit. He was under siege last night on the CBC feed, but Hughson and Healy are huge Canucks homers and it is nothing new than for them to pick on a former Flame.

As for being a class act, there are few in the league that are on the same level of class as Jarmoe Imgla.

I appreciate the perspective from C-Town. Thank you!
Lt. Dish
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