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Re: Pick-a-Pen Resignation

Postby puckeye on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:32 pm

jimjom wrote:Kunitz


sad to hear but understandable....

C4, sincere thanks for your time putting it together
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Re: Pick-a-Pen Resignation

Postby Willie Kool on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:38 pm

Great58 wrote:So these are the final standings?

Qbert 201
Great58 180
pens_CT 178
Kovy27 160
Orlando Penguin 158
Nuge 154
RentedMule66 153
C4 Row E 151
Willie Kool 148
MRandall25 143
mikey287 140
jamespensfan 138
relantel 138
Dan H 137
astro4k 136
Big Fan Big Fan 128
Old Used Pylon 128
columbia 128
Big Easy Pens Fan 126
71Aj66ax87 121
ville5 115
ShaPe 114
sj? 112
kypensfan 109
GreenBlood10 108
NashvilleCat 108
SolidSnake 108
CERV96 105
offsides 103
ffemtreed 102
puckeye 102
sniper 101
JeffDFD 100

Top ten 2 years in a row.


Thanks C4 !!! Although I'm thinking you quit so I wouldn't catch you tonight. :P
Willie Kool
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AHL All-Star
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Re: Pick-a-Pen Resignation

Postby Kovy27 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:43 pm

C4 Row E wrote:As of this morning, I'm officially retired. I need a break from this place. The quality of threads is at an all time low. I enjoy quality hockey talk from quality posters, but it's just not here right now. I can't enforce the rules of the game and the folks who trolled the thread last night have ended it for me.

If anyone would like to take over, please do so.

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