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Re: Most Likely Trade Candidate?

Postby scals37 on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:22 am

no name wrote:
Well, Petey did lose control at points like Game 3 but he constantly adjusted his neutral zone coverage and breakouts. It's when I first really noticed how just awful HCDB was at in game managing, although the end of that regular season he was picked apart pretty bad too. It's why as the first few games went on the Flyers go stronger after poor starts. I am a huge fan but not a coach and I noticed what the Flyers did to combat us.

That being said I put a lot if not a ton of blame on HCDB for the playoffs as he was terrible but I still say that roster is being fairly overrated on this board. The guys that left aren't exactly having banner years and the way Nisky was playing we had a bottom 3 on defense that was (coaching or not) really awful. Some of our depth forwards just didint have the legs to carry us when needed (Adams, Jussi) and guys like Bennett and TK while they had moments just couldn't carry any play at all.

Adams and Glass are certainly performing better this season but let's see if they can continue this.

I said before the playoffs last year that my biggest concern was our bottom lines ability to cycle and carry play or come in waves. GMRS definitely added some guys who in theory can aid in that regard and they brought in a more structured coach. We will see what happens, at least the problem was recognized. But the cap doesn't always allow for solutions.

I really started to questions Dans ability during the flyers series where our players continually took bad penalties and looked undisplined when the flyers did their antics. The years before that i could rationalize we were missing either Malkin or SId or both. But the full line up and all our players are acting like babies i seen a coach who couldn't control his players. Then this same thing happened vs Boston?? Our players lose control of their emotions that is a coach who lose his players.

ALso the other time was of couse VS Ottawa we got a 1-0 lead 2 mins to go in the game, we got a power play and he sends out the top power play unit??? If the play goes the other way they pull their goalie its a 5 on 5. No you put out your top defensive unit to waste that power play time. I mean that is coaching 101 right there.

Yea, that still blows my mind, especially considering the top unit has Geno at the point in that situation, if I'm not mistaken
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Re: Most Likely Trade Candidate?

Postby Gaucho on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:29 am

IIRC, Letang and Martin were in the points. The problem was that these fools tried to actually score rather than protect the lead.
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Re: Most Likely Trade Candidate?

Postby shmenguin on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:33 am

we've seen it work both put adams and co. on the ice and they can't keep possession for more than 2 seconds, or you put letang and malkin on the ice and they can't control themselves.

i haven't seen any evidence that either strategy is particularly successful, so i don't blame bylsma for the lineup choice.
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