Game 12 vs. 'Canes - Thoughts from the Morning After

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Re: Game 12 vs. 'Canes - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby offsides on Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:34 am

MRandall25 wrote:While I agree with your overall point, but nothing comes easy in the NHL. I expect that we'll win it, but dominate has the wrong connotation. It's not going to be a cakewalk; it rarely is.

I was purposely way over the top with that prediction, but like you, I expect to win the division.
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Re: Game 12 vs. 'Canes - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Tanger58 on Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:04 pm

Mongoose87 wrote:
MarioLives wrote:There sure seems to be a lot of poor Geno talk on here. Poor Geno needs better Linemates, poor Geno needs the coach to put him in better positions to gain his confidence..... I love Geno, but he is payed to be a top player in the game. He needs to be better period. If he wanted to play defense, he would, if he wanted to play a simple game he would.... He gets way to much slack

So, rather than, say, speculate on a solution to his problems, the best idea is to simply tell him to be better? Regardless of whether Geno is being reasonable or not, it's the coaches' job to make him better as much as it's his job to be better.

I'm sure he is telling himself to just play better but that is too overwhelming when there is no plan as others have stated. I also agree he should just play better for the coin he's getting paid but....
Geno is not as mature and does not have self awareness as someone like Sid yet. As someone else said, he needs goals and ways to acheive them in baby steps. He needs to understand and believe in that strategy. The pens knew how Geno was when they signed that contract so now they have to work with him - he's still a big kid with ridiculous skill.
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