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Niskanen & Jokinen

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Re: Niskanen & Jokinen

Postby Gaucho on Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:55 pm

Niskanen, Niskanen, Niskanen & Jokinen.
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Re: Niskanen & Jokinen

Postby meecrofilm on Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:51 pm

Niskanen, Niskenen, Niskenan, & Jokinen.
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Re: Niskanen & Jokinen

Postby sniper on Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:26 pm

The Penguins have 7 forwards signed for next season at a cap hit of $32.4 million. Those are Kunitz, Crosby, Dupuis, Bennett, Malkin, Neal, and Adams.

They have 5 defensmen signed next season at a cap hit of $17.1 million. They are Scuderi, Letang, Martin, Maatta, and Bortuzzo.

Fleury and Zatkoff are signed at a cap hit of $5.6 million. Total cap hit for all signed players is $55.1 million.

They have RFA's in Sutter ($2.07M), Despres ($0.84M), Megna ($0.925M), Gibbons ($0.55M), and Sill ($0.55M).

They also have UFA's who they might sign in Jokinen $(3M), Pyatt ($1.55M), Glass ($1.1M), Vitale ($0.55M), Orpik ($3.75M), and Niskanen ($2.3M)

Of the FA they need to sign 7 forwards and 2 d-men with just short of $16M in cap space.

Here are my estimates on approximately what it will cost to sign those guys or their equivalent.
Sutter at $3.5M
Glass at $1.5M
Vitale at $0.75M
Sill at $0.6M
Megna at $0.6M
Gibbons at $0.6M
Despres at $1.2M (hard to guess this one as giving 1 way contract and contract length will have a big effect)
Orpik/Niskanen at $4M

That will leave $3.23M to sign one forward and leave yourself some cap space for call ups. Or you could let both Orpik and Niskanen walk and call up Dumoulin at a cap hit of $0.832M and have $6.4M in cap space to sign the other forward. To most people here that probably sounds appealing, but then you have to look at who the UFA's available are. ... _type_id=2 and remember that pretty much every team is going to have money to spend.

If you are Shero do you let both Orpik and Niskanen walk and then try to sign one of these high cost UFA's? Do you let them walk and try to sign two of the UFA's at roughly $3M a piece or do you sign Orpik or Niskanen and then try to get a lower priced UFA to fill in? You could also sign one of Orpik/Niskanen and a lower cost UFA this summer and look to trade a D-man next season for a younger and lower cap hit forward, which would then allow you to move Dumoulin up to replace that D-man. To me the last approach is the ideal way to go about it as you get a younger forward at a lower cap hit than the FA route allows, but it's also the most difficult to pull off.
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Re: Niskanen & Jokinen

Postby pcm on Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:23 pm

Pretty reasonable assessment. I'd guess that not both Vitale and Glass get re-signed.

A defense of:


seems totally acceptable to me. Unless Letang doesn't come back this year, I bet both Niskanen and Orpik walk.

A lot will depend on what Shero does at the deadline, and how guys like Megna, Gibbons, Bennett do in the playoffs, but the needs for next year will be the same as they are now.

Leo Komarov is coming back, and if he doesn't go straight back to the Leafs, he'd be a fantastic option for the top 9, as would Kulemin.
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Re: Niskanen & Jokinen

Postby no name on Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:43 pm

Pitts wrote:
Antonio wrote:yeah I can definitely see this argument and in many ways I can agree with it. However, I think that he could be a very solid 6/7 or even possibly lower second pairing guy who has a big body and very physical presence which is relatively rare. I would hate to give him up for something like a rental, especially considering how valuable depth can be and considering that I think he brings a few qualities that we lack on the blue line. also I think he might have progressed a little better with a little more playing time and less bylsma slow aging veteran bias. has to be hard to develop confidence effectively when you are in and out of a line up for any little mistake.

When you have Despres, Harrington, Pouliot, Dumoulin, Samuellson, Ruopp etc, waiting in the wings, you can afford to give up a depth defenseman for a rental. This team is in win now mode.

If that was our top 6 defensemen in 4 years, I wonder how good they all would be?? Seems like a load of assets, I can't see trying to sign Niskanen when you got replacements waiting in the wings who can come in on a entry level contract and open cap space. Or like you said trade one and get a piece we need.

I hope Ray is busy on the phone while over there in Sochi.
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