Undrafted College Players

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Undrafted College Players

Postby pens_CT on Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:26 pm

To Mikey or others out there who follow college hockey, are there any undrafted (free agent) forward prospects this year who might be a fit with the Pens? Needless to say this organization could use some forward depth.
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Re: Undrafted College Players

Postby mikey287 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:59 pm

I've had the feelers out for a little bit on this...I'll be honest, I don't really care for college hockey that much because it's just like high school hockey...on steroids...and high school hockey was on steroids...

It's not that great of a crop...there's the normal names: Austin Czarnik, Trevor vanRiemsdyk, Greg Carey, Ahti Oksanen...but these names have been known about for years in the scouting community...

I was hoping the Penguins netted Eriah Hayes last year, as I think he could be a Dustin Penner type (or Eric Tangradi with a better shot, depends on if your glass is half full or not)...

For those who follow PSU hockey (I should ask in the NPR thread)...what's up with Zach Saar, share your thoughts?

I'll be at the Frozen Four almost certainly, so I'll be able to get a better read then...
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Re: Undrafted College Players

Postby count2infinity on Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:05 am

mikey287 wrote:For those who follow PSU hockey (I should ask in the NPR thread)...what's up with Zach Saar, share your thoughts?

Big, physical kid. He can really lay people out (on the college level). Looses his composure pretty easily and takes dumb penalties, but the other team always seems to be aware when he's on the ice. As far as his hands are concerned, I can't comment too much as I haven't seen much in that regard from him.
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