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Time for President of Hockey Operations

Postby darkstar57 on Thu May 15, 2014 4:38 pm

I have been thinking this through and looking at how a lot of other teams are structure, what i really think we need is a President of Hockey Operations (term used by other teams)

If you look at the trend teams are taking and being successful at, they are putting one guy in charge of the overall direction of the franchise and determining how it wants to play and the types of players to be drafted. The GM than works to execute that direction and the coach fits into the way they want to play

Look at Colombus, Davidson is in the president and in charge of the overall road map of the franchise and how they want to play, Kekalainen job is to execute that vision and Richards systems fits they why they want to play. (System wise)

I think having Shero run the whole hockey side is where we went wrong, In terms of being a General Manager for the team i actually think Shero excels. He makes very shred hockey moves and handles contract negotiations very well, but i think he lacks that over arching overview of the whole organization from top to bottom (minor leagues)

We have a president of the organization but Morehouse is a business guy and about maximizing profits and creating revenue streams, and he is very good at that. We need a true hockey mind to come in and give us a direction for the franchise. I really hope its not Lemieux, i love him, but just be an owner
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