At this point our biggest need?

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What do we need the most

bottom 6 depth forward
top 6 winger
a defensive defenseman
an offensive defenseman
No votes
a "leader type"
a new starting goalie.
Our team looks good now
our team will due till the trading deadline.
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Re: At this point our biggest need?

Postby stonewizard51 on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:59 pm

wondermoose wrote:I think Bennett is eventually going to get shipped. He is at his best when he's got the puck on his stick and, unfortunately, that'll never happen on the top two lines. I thought he has looked his best, by far, playing with Sutter where he could carry the puck and be creative.

It definitely won't happen unless he stays off IR.
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Re: At this point our biggest need?

Postby no name on Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:12 pm

DayWalker wrote:
pcm wrote:
canaan wrote:
meow wrote:
Beveridge wrote:It boggles my mind how after watching this team the past 5-7 years that top 6 and scoring seems to be what people think the Pens' issue is.

Preach on, brother.

It's because people who don't know anything about the sport thinking all they need to do is score more goals and everything else will be null and void.

:roll: When did our fanbase become so elitist and arrogant? Was it when we got Sid and Geno, and everyone suddenly believes that because they're superstars can do all the heavy lifting themselves for this team's offense? Because that's worked out great the past two years. ... me=summary

Looks to me like scoring goals was a big part of LA's cup win... The Pens were 3rd in GA/G. But they couldn't score against NYR to close out the series. They couldn't score against Bos at all the year before. Oh sure, we look great in the reg season or against the NYI and OTT, but as soon as Sid and/or Geno gets shut down, the team collapses.

But go on preaching and making fun of the majority of other people on this board (44% in the poll), as it seems to make you guys feel better about yourselves.


Aside from the 1984 Smythe Division Semi-finals against the Flyers in 2012, this team has been knocked out of the playoffs four times since winning the Cup in 2009 because they could not score enough:

12 goals in the last 6 games against Montreal in 2010

11 goals in the last six games against Tampa Bay in 2011, including 4 in the last three games.

2 goals in 4 games against Boston in 2013

14 goals in 7 games against the Rangers in 2014, including 3 in the last three games.

Any person who claims this team has or has had enough scoring either stops watching Penguins games once the regular season ends, is functionally ignorant of statistics, or is so heavily invested in some kind of mindless conceit that he/she is incapable of recognizing empirical data.

Looking at these stats you see a failure with our ability to generate goals. Watching those games and looking at a line up I seen tons of players with scoring ability. It was a coaching staff who didn't have the team start playing defensive until the playoffs began. They also failed to adjust the teams direction to know how to play defense and transition into offence. I blame the coaches more is all I am trying to say. All those teams the last couple years beside the Tampa series had plenty of offense. But that team did have a 3-1 series lead and again a coaching staff who couldn't adjust to what that coach did to shut us down.
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Re: At this point our biggest need?

Postby bhaw on Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:56 pm

If the team failed to score all year then were knocked out due to lack of scoring, that's a scoring issue.

When the team scores at will throughout the year then is suddenly shut down versus a particular opponent, it's not a generic scoring issue.

Buffalo had a scoring issue last year.

When you average 3.4 goals per game then suddenly drop to .5 goals per game, it's not "OMG, we have no one who can score!" I guess we became elitists when we learned to use logic.
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Re: At this point our biggest need?

Postby Steve Dave on Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:31 am

I think the coaching will be huge this season. As it stands now, our depth chart looks better IMO...

Kunitz Crosby Bennett
Jokinen Malkin Neal
Gibbons Sutter Stempniak
Glass Goc Adams
xMegna, Vitale, Pyatt

Martin Letang
Orpik Niskanen
Maatta Scuderi
xEngelland, Bortuzzo, Despres


Dupuis Crosby Hornqvist
Kunitz Malkin Bennett
Spaling Sutter Downie
Sill Goc Comeau
xAdams, Megna, Payerl

Martin Letang
Maatta Erhoff
Despres Bortuzzo
xScuderi, Samuelsson, Dumoulin

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