Stewie Griffin Postgame: Pens Rattle Sabres 5-4 OT

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Stewie Griffin Postgame: Pens Rattle Sabres 5-4 OT

Postby netwolf on Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:26 am

Credit to [redacted] for the sweet Pens-centric pic.
Stewie Griffin wrote:Now then, I’m going to do something I call the “compliment sandwich”, where I say something good, then talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good.

Pens vs Sabres, a 5-4 OT win

Something good: Kris Letang might be turning the corner. Look, it wasn't a perfect game by any means, but he's looked a little more like himself over the past week. I'm not a big +/- guy, but when a player is as bad there as he's been, you'll gladly take him being a plus player in two straight and 3 of the last 4. He's also taking more shots and getting more through (7 attempts last night; 4 on net, 3 blocked). Him coming out of his early season fog would be big.

Where they need improvement: It was a sloppy game and the Pens definitely weren't on their details as Mike Tomlin likes to say, but I want better from the power play. On the surface, the stats look good 1 for 5 with 9 shots. However, they had stretches were the fell into "highlight goal or bust mode" and kept looking for another pass. They also had ~1 minute of 5 on 3 time and managed 1 shot. This team should be almost automatic at 5 on 3. Bearing down on draws would help; 3 for 7 isn't good enough. More wins means more zone time and more zone time means more chances to score (provided someone wants to shoot).

Something good: Always good to see Sid look like Sid. Finally ended the goal drought, roofing a puck 5-10" away from basically an empty net (show off!) and the setup of Sheary's winner was just vintage Sid down low.
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Re: Stewie Griffin Postgame: Pens Rattle Sabres 5-4 OT

Postby Faubert5 on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:02 am

I thought the third line played really well. Getting Letang and the bottom six going would be a big help.
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