Game 28 vs Sabres - Thoughts from the Morning After

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Game 28 vs Sabres - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Penspal on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:01 am

Pens win 5-1

- Pens add to their winning streak with another win over the lowly Sabres. A much harder road ahead, I hope the Pens didn't pick up some bad habits
- Jarry had another strong game. Like MAF, he seems to make some the odd save with the butt end of his stick, but doesn't matter how you do it, just do it. He's a keeper (you see what I did there?)
- Cole played a much better game, glad to see him back in the lineup. Whatever happens, I hate sitting a warrior like Cole, cause when he's playing, he is not a "distraction".
- Are the Pens missing McKegg? I don't think so, Rowney is not as fast, but Carter brings that big body crash that was missing and he's solid defensively.
- Another game where Reaves minimal minutes were masterful in keeping the Sabres from running around. Two victorius out of hand games against a goony team, and no foolishness. That is why he's there.
- Archie's down in the AHL lighting the lamp on a conditioning stint. I expect that Reaves may start to sit the odd game, so its good to get Archie ready.
- I had to laugh at how "relieved" Housley seemed when they finally scored. Rookie coach move imho
- Rust, Kuhnhackl and now Haggy scoring goals......maybe that secondary scoring is coming, let's hope
- And the fact that Buffalo has not had a defenceman score a goal this year.... Brian freaking Dumoulin has a goal... what a horrible team, I feel bad for their fans.
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Re: Game 28 vs Sabres - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Puck-Lurker on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:35 am

Yay, a win!

- But it was against Buffalo.
- Jarry is reminding me of MAF more and more. Sometimes that's bad. This time again, it was good. That kid can give Murray a run for his money down the line. Some really athletic and aggressive goaltending, coming out for pucks and people skating in on goal.
- Cole is playing fine. But not great. I disagree he should play over Ruhwedel by default. True, he brings edge and blocks shots, but he's got some flaws people are a bit keen to overlook. The goal against is one moment that does not happen with Ruhwedel (who has other shortcomings)
- Did the fourth line even play?
- Sheahan is fitting. He keeps this up and I'm starting to think he's an upgrade over Bonino.

- Málkin's goal was juicy. Welcome back Geno!
- Second goal. Props to Sheahan and Hagelin!
Sheahan is all over Beaulieu and robs him off the puck in the O-zone. Before he gets it, he's already seen Rust ready to receive it. As he looks again, he saucers it to Rust's stick who flips it through to Hagelin who's in towards goal. Hagelin skips up two positions where most people might have shot it, then gets it in high. Almost lost control of the puck, but didn't, some great skating there too.
- Third goal, Hörnqvist wonders how he shot that in. Good keep in by Crosby, passed it in front to #72 who doesn't get much if anything on it for the G.
- Fourth goal. ZINNNGGGGG. The Phil Kessel Special. Fast break away, deadly shot, 's all she wrote.
- Fifth goal. Crosby to Hörnqvist for the ENG. I think Kane was backchecking there, along with Scandella. Both make contact with #72's stick as he shoots and it goes wide, he makes a banzai charge after it and gets it in the net. Well under the net.
About a minute later, Hörnqvist gets the puck backskating into the O-zone, saucers it to Crosby's stick for the ENG.
Not sure why we keep insisting those two don't work together.

It's only BUF however.. Rags next
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