Stewie Griffin Postgame: Caps Charge Pens 4-3 (R2, G3)

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Stewie Griffin Postgame: Caps Charge Pens 4-3 (R2, G3)

Postby netwolf on Wed May 02, 2018 9:19 am

Credit to [redacted] for the sweet Pens-centric pic.
Stewie Griffin wrote:Now then, I’m going to do something I call the “compliment sandwich”, where I say something good, then talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good.

Pens vs Caps, a 4-3 loss

Something good: Jake Guentzel and Sidney Crosby continue to take care of business, each posting a goal and an assist. Guentzel's set up was an incredible play. A little weird to see Crosby on the receiving end of those; it's usually the other way around.

Where they need improvement: As great as it is that 87/59 continue to excel, it's tough to win as a one line time. Getting Malkin back is a huge help, but there are too many guys under-performing offensively. Sure, they could stand to tighten up in their end too, but at the end of the day, this team is built to spend as little time on defense and stay on the attack. Kessel and Brassard only have 1 goal each in 9 games. Sheary has none.

Something good: Not that this is a bar set high, but the Pens had their best start to a game in this series.
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