Official GDT: Pens vs Habs 10/6/18

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Re: Official GDT: Pens vs Habs 10/6/18

Postby penny lane on Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:46 am

Pens4Life wrote:nothing suprising really, our defensive play sucks to the core and Murray cant catch a mellon..

I would add the for now...
Going into the early season I see they are playing to not get injured. Power play has to produce . Madden had a good point, pens only practice at ppg on morning skates. They look to be fighting the puck with the new boards.
Bounces going to the other teams 2 games played.

Montreal practiced for the days they were in PGH at PPG.
penny lane
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Re: Official GDT: Pens vs Habs 10/6/18

Postby stonewizard51 on Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:20 am

Good - Can't think of anything good about that game.

Bad - Can't think of anything bad about that game.

Ugly - The whole **** game.
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Re: Official GDT: Pens vs Habs 10/6/18

Postby Jim on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:24 pm

DelPen wrote:
wondermoose wrote:
DelPen wrote:
wondermoose wrote:Y'all are nuts if you think Jack Johnson was the root cause of that goal. Malkin owns that one, no one else.

People looking to blame him because they didn’t like the signing.

Kessel is the larger problem right now if you want to pick out a bad contract at the moment.

I'll worry about Phil when he has a season where he doesn't show up. For now, considering the other albatrosses out there that provide much less.

I’d say he was mostly absent last year especially in the playoffs.

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