Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

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Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Penspal on Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:22 am

Pens lose 5-0

- Wasn't able to see much of the game due to power outages here. Seems they also affect the Pens team....
- What I did see wasn't pretty, but one thing I can say. I HATE THE NEW BOARDS
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby alancac98 on Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:45 am

They were abysmal! Played liked they were all out at the bar until late last night and just didn't care. How the hell do the Leafs take all of the ice away from the talent of this team, then turn and burn for so many odd man breaks! They have been totally outplayed since the road trip. They need to uncork their heads from their asses before they let this slide sink them to the bottom. They need to find motivation!
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby KG on Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:09 pm

The Metro does not appear to be a powerhouse of a division this season. Pens will have their sleepwalking games from time to time this season.

Sully needs to motivate without coming off as a disciplinarian and risk losing the room.

Would be nice for Rutherford to make a shot in the arm type of move. Get some youth and speed in the lineup!

The pens were at their best when they had 4 lines with scoring and speed. Now they don’t have that depth and balance.
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby stonewizard51 on Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:20 pm

What the **** was that ? It sure wasn't hockey !!
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Stillerz Bar on Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:43 pm

Sadly this was the first game I have been able to watch live since game 6 against the Caps last spring…..good grief after seeing that I may wait another 6 months before choosing to watch another.

- Sid, what was that? Not sure what his numbers were but there were numerous times where he made horrible passes. Some were to no one and others were ones where he tried to get the puck to someone with 2-3 Leafs in the way. In most cases he had a decent shot at the net but chose to make a pass instead. It reminded me of the “Globetrotter like” Power Play days where we would try so hard to set up the perfect shot that we’d end up with nothing.
- Jack Johnson - First time seeing him in a Pens uniform and I was really disappointed. He had zero jump and regularly got outworked.
- Geno - I know he had a GREAT October. This game just looked like he ran out of gas after that month-long push. It happens with him from time to time and he usually bounces back pretty quickly.
- Kessel - Typical Phil… hot and cold, engaged and disinterested. I sure wish he were more consistent but he was so critical in the two Cup runs that it hard to complain about him in Nov. Still these games matter and we need points whenever we can get them.
- Jake - Even when he doesn’t have success that kid works hard every second he is on the ice.
- Power Play - Just nothing going on. Even when they got control in offensive zone (which was rare), bad decisions ended the threat early.

All in all that game was ugly for a Pens fan. Toronto was missing it’s star and we played like we thought we could get the win without trying.

As much as I say I don’t want to see another game after watching that fiasco, I know that I will watch the next time they are on TV in my area…and hopefully things will look much better.
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby dark_forces on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:02 pm

Anyone have the lowdown on the latest TIOPS site?
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Southern Fan on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:27 pm

They really need to drop the requirement of three passes before you shoot mentality. Right winger twice in the third had tap ins when Andersen was laying on the ice and they weren’t even looking at the net. And Phil was back in his don’t shoot mode on the power play. Hard to get a tip in or rebound goal if no one shoots.

Need to devise a system to protect Murray a little. He can’t go side to side like Fleury and (leaf on the third goal) had all day to shoot six inches about Matt’s glove. Murray is an average goaltender, but that should be enough for this team.

November shouldn’t be mustache month. It should be Pens bored, disinterested month.

Missing Sheahan 2017-2018 digging pucks out of the corner. He seems lost. And, speaking of lost, Matt Cullen.

Bad week, good week, bad week. Hopefully tonight starts the good week.
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby Crashguy66 on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:46 pm

ZAR had a hat trick including a shorty in a loss last night.
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby FLPensFan on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:52 pm

dark_forces wrote:Anyone have the lowdown on the latest TIOPS site?

- First part just talks about their struggles, about zone entries, how Leafs big players outplayed Penguins big players.
- In terms of rumors, chatter, trades, he had the following:
--- Says Nashville has big dose of buyers remorse on Nick Bonino. Says they don't believe he is the same player after his foot injury in 2017. Reportedly, Penguins could have interest in reacquiring Bonino later in the season. Would require Nashville to retain salary.
--- Says Penguins will be monitoring Conor Sheary, because if he gets 20 goals or 40 points, their 4th rounder in 2019 becomes a 2019 3rd rounder.
--- Says Rutherford is already keeping tabs on players who may be available, and Zuccarrello is one the Penguins are monitoring. Rangers could make moves earlier than the trade deadline, and shouldn't be shy about trading within the division.

My take, not sure if it's buyers remorse, but Nashville never really gave Bonino a chance. They signed him to be their #2 center (which was a mistake), but then went out and got Kyle Turris shortly their after. I'm sure Bonino probably has some remorse about choosing Nashville, as they didn't give him the opportunity they presented to him. That said, I would not want Bonino back. Too hot and cold for my liking.

On Zuccarello, I like the player overall, but, not sure he is a good fit. He's small, takes a beating, and isn't always known for his defense. He's also 31 years old. I know he's fast, but, adding a small, fast, somewhat deficient defensively RW doesn't really seem like a top target. He can play LW, but he's known more for playing on the RW, and, I think we're good there.
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Re: Game 12 vs Leafs - Thoughts from the Morning After

Postby IntangibleBeer on Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:51 pm

That game reminded me of those in the 80's and 90's around the holidays. The team looked like they had partied or were planning to party and just phoned in the game. Boy, if I'd dropped $$$$ to be in PPG Paints Arena I would have been pissed!
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