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NMC's, NTC's and M-NTC's

Postby longtimefan on Fri Oct 02, 2020 8:02 am

A lot of posters complain about the Pens giving out NMC's and NTC's. Many consider it part of how they've mismanaged the cap, and why they are in the position they're in, at least partially. It's one of my biggest gripes about the criticism levied at JR. I've said before, it's tunnel vision and is judging them in a vacuum. They traded Hornqvist with his full NTC. They did the same thing last season with Kessel.

On the roster right now, you have three NMC's. Crosby, Letang, and Malkin. Letang's contract does include a M-NTC, so they have some options, even though I think he plays his deal out here. If they choose to, he'd be able to submit 18 teams he'd agree to go to.

They also have M-NTC's with both Zucker and Tanev. Both players can submit 10 teams they can't be traded to. Guentzel hasn't reached UFA age, so he doesn't have his M-NTC kick in until after '21-'22, when he'll be able to submit a 12 team no trade list.

Those clauses aren't given in a vacuum. They're given because they are part of the league wide climate. If you want to sign the player, you need to compete with the rest of the league. The NMC being much more onerous, since they can't be sent to the minors. Congrats to the Lightning for finally getting over the hump. It may have been just in the nick of time. They have a tall task ahead to try and re-tool on the fly. With 15 contracts accounting for over $76M, they've got a lot of work to do. Besides being able to field a full team, they have two prime RFA's. Guys who need to be awarded for helping them win the cup. Cirelli is certainly due a significant raise, and Sergachev is coming off his second contract and will be expecting a possibly monstrous contract. Both have been mentioned as targets for an offer sheet, with the thinking being that the Bolts will have a tough time matching their offers.

The problem is they have to move out a ton of salary in order to accommodate the players they need to sign. Certainly there will be interest in a lot of them. But then there's those clauses. Which, in many cases, are quite a bit worse then the ones the Pens have.
They have three full NMC's in Kucherov, Stamkos, and Hedman. Which makes sense. None carry a corresponding M-NTC like Letang's deal.

They also have six NTC's. Of those, only Killorn carries a M-NTC. He can submit a 16 game list of teams he can't be traded to. That's worse than any of the Pens'. The other five include full NTC's. So they have total say over where they go. They include Gourde, Johnson, Palat, McDonough, and Coburn. Now they can send them to the minors, but Killorn's $4.45M cap hit is the lowest of the forwards, the rest being at least $5M. They could get some relief by sending Coburn to the minors since his deal is only for $1.7M. That would clear $1.075M. But that's unlikely since he's one of only three signed defenseman. And they will need his cheap contract.

No doubt they will rightfully point to the cup. No doubt they may have the most tumultuous off season of all the cap strapped teams. It's a trade off. But for those who like to point to the Pens including these clauses, it's important to note that others use those clauses as well. I'd go so far as to say every one of the Pens NTC's remaining are friendlier than any of those carried by the Lightning. Zucker and Tanev can only include 10 teams, and when Guentzel's kicks in, it will only include 12 teams. The best the Bolts can do is have Killorn submit a list of 16 teams, with the rest carrying full NTC's. Again, congrats on the Cup. If they wouldn't have won, their fanbase would be going nuts. I suspect they will anyway as the excitement wears off. They really are in cap hell, and are very limited in what they can do.

Other teams are not exempt from the scourge of these clauses.

-Boston has 4, 3 of which are NMC's. Marchand has a full NTC, and Bergeron and Coyle have M-NTC's. Those two will be joined after next season by Pastrnak. Krejci also carries a M-NTC.

-Buffalo has Skinner with a full NMC. They also have Staal with a M-NTC, and Okposo with a M-NTC.

-Detroit carried Marc Staal's full NMC over. They also have M-NTC's for DeKeyser, Nielsen, Abdelkader, and Filppula.

-Florida carried Hornqvist's NTC over. They also have Barkov, Huberdeau, and Yandle on full NMC's. Acciari and Stralman have M-NTC's.

-Montreal included a NMC and M-NTC in Petry's new deal. They also have M-NTC's for Edmundso, Chiarot, and Alzner on M-NTC's.

-Ottawa has Zaitsev with a M-NTC.

-Carolina has Staal on a full NMC and Gardiner has a M-NTC.

-Columbus has Foligno and Dubinsky with NMC and M-NTC. Atkinson and Jones have M-NTC.

-New Jersey has Zajac with a full NTC. Palmieri and Gusev have M-NTC's.

-Islanders have Lee, Nelson, Eberle, and Pageau with full NTC's. Ladd, Komorov, and Boychuk have M-NTC's.

-Rangers have Panarin, Kreider, Zibanejad, and Trouba on full NMC's. Smith has a modified NTC.

-Philly has Giroux and Hayes on Full NMC. They have Niskanen with a M-NTC.

-Washington has Backstrom with a full NMC. Surprisingly, Ovechkin only has M-NTC, as do Kuznetsov, Oshie, Wilson, Carlson, and Orlov.

-Chicago has Toews, Kane, Seabrook, and Keith on full NMC's. They have Saad and Smith with M-NTC's.

-Colorado has Johnson with a NMC with a M-NTC. They have MacKinnon, Kadri, and Landeskog with M-NTC's.

-Dallas has Seguin, Benn, and Pavelski with NMC's. Radulov has a NMC with a M-NTC. Cogliano also has a M-NTC.

-Minnesota have Parise, Zuccarello, Suter, Spurgeon, and Brodin with full NMC's. Johansson has a M-NTC.

-Nashville has Josi with a NMC.

-St Louis have Tarasenko, Steen, Schenn and Faulk with full NTC's. They also have Schwartz, Bozak, Perron, Scandella, and Gunnarsson with M-NTC's.

-Winnipeg has Wheeler with a full NMC, and have Scheifele and Perreault have M-NTC's.

-Anaheim has Getzlaf has a full NMC. So does Kesler, although he's likely done. They have Manson, Fowler, Henrique, Silfverberg, and Backes with M-NTC's.

-Arizona has Ekman-Larsson and Hjalmarsson with full NMC's. They have Kessel with a NMC and M-NTC. They have Grabner and Goligoski with M-NTC's.

-Calgary has Lucic with a NMC. Backlund has a full NTC. They also have Monahan and Giordano with M-NTC's.

-Edmonton has Kris Russell with a NMC and M-NTC. FYI, McDavid will have a full NMC as soon as he reaches UFA age, and Draisaitl will have a NMC with a M-NTC.

-LA has Doughty with a full NMC. Kopitar and Brown have M-NTC's.

-San Jose has Karlsson and Vlasic have full NMC's. Burns, Couture, Kane, and Hertl with M-NTC's.

-Vancouver has Edler and Ferland with full NMC's. They have Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle, Sutter, and Myers with M-NTC's.

-Vegas has Stone with a full NMC. They have Fleury, Pacioretty, Karlsson, Smith, Stastny, Marchessault, and Schmidt with M-NTC's.

That's a lot more than I expected when I started compiling the list. Not all M-NTC's are created equal. Some can submit as few as 5 teams they can't be traded to. Anaheim's Fowler can submit a list of only four teams he can be traded to. The whole point I was trying to make is it's not JR being a senile old man when he includes these clauses. We may not like them, but they are part of the landscape in the cap era. Just like AAV, term, and signing bonuses. Every team in the league has at least one player with a clause. The one that surprised me the most was Nashville, with only Josi carrying a clause. I don't know if that's a quirk or a policy decision by Poile, but it did stick out. It's not just a Penguin issue, it's a league wide issue.
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Re: NMC's, NTC's and M-NTC's

Postby Jim on Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:51 am

It's not really an issue. It is something that the players fought for in the CBA. As far as (the actual) contracts go, the top 3 things for the players were UFA age, RFA arbitration, and NTC. These three gave the players some ability to control themselves contract wise. Unlike the good ole' days when teams had all of the control.

(Obviously there are other major things that the players fought over, like escrow, insurance, pay terms, etc... I am just pointing at the contracts themselves)
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Re: NMC's, NTC's and M-NTC's

Postby Hatrick on Sat Oct 03, 2020 12:06 am

I don't mind them handing out NTC. Especially if it means the player is willing to accept a slightly lower salary in exchange for it. If giving the favor to the player and giving them a NTC saves the team even 500k against the cap that is a plus. Do that a couple times and you can fit a whole player on the team because of it.

How I view it is if you aren't giving them a bad contract you won't want to trade them away anyway.
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