Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

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Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby Penspal on Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:28 am

What is Thoughts from the Morning After
The Thoughts from the Morning After Thread is a long standing post I've been doing on the LGP forums. The intention is for more "rational" thoughts of a game, discussed the morning after. Back in the day when many people were on the board, discussions tended to run hot immediately following games. This was my attempt at changing the dynamic. Over the years its become sort of a catch all, which is also fine. If you post regularly, I suggest you go back over the years and peek at your comments, always interesting to review your previous thoughts of games, players, etc. Enjoy the thread and the season!

Pens lose 6-3

- Philly had the edge in play in this game, but its Game One with very little prep... new players.... can't take away too much from this game.
- I was so happy to see Jake back out after that fall into the boards... it would just be the Pens luck to have him out in game 1 of the season... Thank the Hockey Gods!
- Sid's goal, while somewhat flukey, was a beauty! The one handed finish.... its at least the third one handed goal that will assuredly be on his lifetime highlight reel
- Of all the new players, Jankowski showed promise. If this was game 12, I'd be calling for replacements, but line one of post is true... can't take too much from this game
- Took me about a period to figure out who's who with new players and some number changes.
- The electronic monitoring system... did they every show stats like speed, etc. I missed the odd minute here and there during the game.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby LimerickPensFan on Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:42 am

- I actually thought the Pens played pretty well overall. Take away a two-minute period in the third where they seemed to be sleeping, and I'd say they could have won the game.
- PK needs a lot of work.
- PP looked a little rough, but I saw a lot of movement at least. I think it will come around.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby RisslingsMissingTeeth on Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:51 am

Crazy. Your first point was exactly what I said during, after and the day after the game. I had one of those "what did I just watch?" moments. Pens looked like a team playing a pre-season game, terrible passing, zero chemistry on most lines, while Philly looked slightly less so.

I'm going to wait till the second game to evaluate any players specifically.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby Ericf on Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:10 am

Matheson and Ceci are who we thought they were. Putting on a Pens sweater won’t magically improve their games as players at age 26, for those delusional enough to believe our coaches are hockey savants. More disappointing to me was 1) Jarry, who looked fantastic during the scrimmages and laid a terrible egg when the game counted and 2) our much ballyhooed second line, which looked really good on paper as well but was MIA. We won’t be winning any time if those two don’t pick things up considerably on Friday. Very discouraging start
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby Cow_Master66 on Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:10 am

My meaningless thoughts...

- The team looked much faster overall, and they were missing their fastest player
- Players passed up opportunities to shoot to make the extra pass...Was hoping the coaching changes would preach shooting at all costs when in position but it may take some time to wash the multi-year stink off
- I think Matheson will eventually shut up the nay sayers but it may take some time....Pretty much so many others (Shutlz, Martin), there's a big adjustment period that only LGP posters can overcome immediately
- Jarry's stickhandling is going to be a tremendous asset throughout his career
- Rusts' stretch was not a fluke, it's who he is...
- Can't wait for Kapanan to get in
- Finally, I'd trade a playoff birth for the entertainment of the GDT.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby FLPensFan on Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:33 am

--The team definitely looked faster overall, but speed alone doesn't win games. Usually, mistake-free hockey does, and there were a lot of mistakes last night.
--Offseason concerns about the 3rd line and its players by many (*ahem, points finger at self) were quashed at least for one night, as the 3rd line was probably the best, most consistent last night. Jankowski with a goal and a helper, McCann with a helper, and Tanev's speed a constant asset to that line.
--Kapanen needs to get here soon. Rodrigues does nothing to help Sid's line.
--Malkin looked pedestrian. Lot of talk again this offseason on how he's in great shape, the hunger for a 4th cup, etc. It didn't really show last night.
--Matheson had a bad night. He still made some good plays, but, he also made a few mistakes that led directly to goals. Patience.
--Ceci wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either. Slightly below average for me.
--Jarry was disappointing. Really can't fault him for the 1st 2 goals, and I know another one had guys laying on him in the crease...but, the other 3, he just seemed to play really badly. He slid way out of position on one of the goals, leaving him in a bad spot to face the rebound. Not sure if the lack of shots early on (I think Pens outshot Flyers 22-12 by mid-2nd period) had an effect, but he'll need to be better. Not going to panic with him after one game.

Now, many of us will say "It's one game, the first game....big deal." But it was the first game for the Flyers too, and they didn't have a 3rd period meltdown that cost them the game. This is a familiar script with the Penguins. They just didn't looked prepared or have the heart/desire to mount a comeback. This is a trend that needs to end, ASAP.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby sjnhiils on Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:54 pm

This kind of reminded me of the practice game that the Pens lost to Philly before the preliminary round last year. They were ready to play and we weren't. If Byram stays in Colorado the Pens should bring Cole back and deal Pettersson for a pick. That is the type of defenseman they need, not a Matheson or Ceci.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby penny lane on Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:22 pm

Kenny Alberta called Jarry - Fleury early.
I was impressed with the speed.
Need so much more from Malkin/Letang .
I had to get use to the new guys in suits with Coach Sullivan.
Even the series on Friday boys.

*Selfish statement~ I miss the fans, yes even the flyer fans.
penny lane
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby Puck-Lurker on Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:07 pm

Game showed potential for both good and bad this season. Clear that everyone was rusty on the ice.

We've got too many 3rd pairing defencemen. Jarry was a mixed bag. Star players a few steps too slow, lines not clicking yet. This team is going to need to show up in the EFFORT department throughout the season to even get to a playoff. Not seen it - fair nuff it's game 1.

Whatever though. Game was a mess for both teams. Pretty sure Philly watchers face-palmed at Hart's lacksidaisical clearance attempt that Sid knocked in. Most players would have a difficult time scoring after stopping the puck in flight, Crosby pretty much guarantees that goes in. On to next game.
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Re: Thoughts From the Morning After - Game 1 vs Philly

Postby Luckybreak on Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:34 pm

Jarry - the way I see it, he had very few shots then allowed 2 goals from screen/tips. Not his fault, I doubt camp was full of those with Horny gone. Problem is that it seemed to rattle him and he looked less confident after, giving up some poor rebounds that led to easy goals. I doubt he and the new D are in sync, not to mention getting hung out to dry and screened by his own team. I believe he will rebound but will need stronger performances from the team defense to get into a comfort zone.

Matheson - looked pretty mobile, good with the puck on his stick but he and Marino do not look like a functional pairing. It was highlighted that Sully seemed to mix he and Pettersson up in terms of special teams deployment. Let's put guys in positions to build on their strengths rather than the exact opposite and see what happens. Jury out on whether he will turn it around given time, fingers crossed he does as I currently prefer Riikola but that's another Sully gripe for another time.

Top 6 - another Sully thing - swap Zucker and Guentzel. To me the current formation seems to lack energy and needs something to spark Geno.

I'm torn on staying up till 3am to watch tonight based on how this game ended, its much harder in the morning with a 2 year old! But I'm not holding out hope for Sunday given the teams traditional form in games that are more friendly to my time zone...
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