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Open letter

Postby Dan Da Man on Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:07 pm

Hi Rick
Got your Steelers pics and it did my heart good to see them win it ALL this year. But, my first "sports" thoughts are with the Penguin's and their inability to get a new multi-use facility built and the real prospect of not having the Pen's in Pittsburgh. They are already up for sale and with more city's, with new existing empty facilities coming on-line every year, the push for the pen's to move will be hard to resist. I support the IOC plan to build a new facility for free, that is with no public money, if they get the slots license. The other two competing entities are not offering to do this. Unfortunately, substantial amounts of money were given to mayor and other elected city officials {election campaigns} and you never guess that it's the very same people who are competing with IOC for this slots license. What a coincidence. Wow, and you wonder why the mayor and other city officials won't endorse a plan for a FREE multi-use facility, along with all the other same amenities offered by the other bidders. Forcing the Pen's to move will gain nothing for the city, keeping them there most certainly will. Rick, I'm not in Pittsburgh. I choose to leave long ago. You are there and your signature will mean more than mine. I urge you to use the link below (I have), and let your city and state officials know how you feel about keeping the Pen's in Pittsburgh. Always good to hear from you.
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