Understanding the mindset of those opposed to a 'Pens Arena'

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Understanding the mindset of those opposed to a 'Pens Arena'

Postby ExPatriatePen on Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:53 am

I struggled with which forum to post this in. I finally decided that it should be here in the Penguins forum because a new Arena for the Pittsburgh is certainly a Pens related issue, and understanding the mindset of Pittsburghs retired population is critical to getting enough of them engaged in the process.

The Post Gazette has a great pictorial in todays addition that shows Pittsburgh when many of these people were the age of most LGP posters or even a little older.


After veiwing this presentation I was struck with many many memories of my youth. These photographs were taken when I had just graduated from H.S. and was in the USAF. I remember this Pittsburgh vividly.

If you view this presentation, you'll see a simple life. A life where self-sufficiency and community were important, a life where a man was only as good as his word and/or character.

Remember this when speaking to others about the merits of the various slots applicants proposals, and the way our politicians are handling the process. Nothing will upset this large portion of our community more than addidional lies and manuvering by crooked politicians. They feel they were ignored and lied too in the 70's and 80's. They certainly have a low tolerance for it.
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