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Postby lassic27 on Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:30 pm

Tomas Surovy is a player who has shown at times that he may be a solid 20-25 goal scorer in this league but ever since he had 6 goals in the 8 game span we haven't seen to much from him. I just don't see him having the consistency to be a productive top 6 forward in this league. Despite all of that, he does have some potential I wrote about this on my sports blog this morning about the possibility of using him a trade bait and packaging him with a Leclair , Recchi or Malone to bring in a solid return that will help the team going into next season..... Although i think it's very unlikely they will do that,i believe this team with Crosby, Fleury, Whitney and Malkin next year have a chance to be much improved next year. The Pens are not as bad as the record intends and management needs to start thinking about possibly trading some of it's middle tier young talent like a Surovy to bring in some proven players to help this team for next season....

just wanted to see what you guys think about the idea....

Postby Henry Hank on Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:44 pm

I like Surovy, and I think most fans (at least those that post here) are way too hard on him. No, he's not any kind of top line sniper, but I haven't seen anything to suggest that he can't be a solid player. Yes, he's been inconsistent, but show me some Penguins players this year that HAVE been consistent. You're only going to find one, and that's Sidney Crosby.

Surovy has played at a 25 goal pace this season. For his career he's at about 19 goals per 82 games. What's so terrible about that for a young player on some bad teams? Common sense dictates that he'll improve with more experience.

It just seems to me that a lot of people here will completely dismiss a guy if he doesn't fit the standards of a true top line winger. Guys like Surovy, Ouellet, and Malone have been inconsistent, but all have played around a 20 goal pace. That's not anything real special, but it's valuable. Look around at the good teams in the NHL. Teams like Carolina and Buffalo aren't filled with superstars. They have some with that kind of talent, but mostly they have depth in unremarkable guys that can chip in 20-25 goals a season. The Pens in the late 90's always had problems with depth. There's proof there that you need these kinds of secondary players.

Surovy is what he is: a guy who can put the puck in the net 20-25 times, completely acceptable for a second liner. I'll give him credit as a guy who in his career has came in and taken advantage of some opportunities. It beats me how a guy like him gets dragged through the mud, yet a guy like Koltsov gets defended even though he produces very little of tangible worth.
Henry Hank
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NHL Healthy Scratch
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He is a keeper...

Postby Pens4Life on Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:49 pm

We should keep him,he is absolutely better than Koltsov,Hussey,Endicott and soo on ...
If not top six player,at least very solid LW 3rd line player,i would keep him.
Trade bait could be Koltsov,Endicott... But they arent worth nothing...
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Re: He is a keeper...

Postby Defence21 on Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:36 pm

Pens4Life wrote:We should keep him,he is absolutely better than Koltsov,Hussey,Endicott and soo on ...
If not top six player,at least very solid LW 3rd line player,i would keep him.
Trade bait could be Koltsov,Endicott... But they arent worth nothing...

Surovy is not 3rd line material. Just because a player isn't good enough for the top lines does not mean he is 3rd or 4th line material. Generally, you want your 3rd and 4th liners to be speedy, physical and defensive minded. Surovy is speedy and plays well in his own end, but provides no grit.

And yes, he is better than Koltsov, Endicott, Hussey, etc at SOME things. But hockey isn't just about scoring. Koltsov is better than skating. Hockey has many dimensions, all of which are valuable to a team. If Surovy doesn't gain more consistency, he has no place on this team.

With that being said, I think steady linemates with skill will do wonders for him. Next year, when Malkin comes over, the Pens will have 2 top-line centers and hopefilly will add another winger. This will help to create more stability amongst the top 2 lines, thus making things easier for the less talented guys, such as Surovy.
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