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Re: Holiday Wars - After Party

Postby MWB on Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:24 am

the wicked child wrote:Before we took down IE, I considered pushing a vote for you instead to prevent the situation we had the last day, but I wasn't sure if anyone would go along with me or not. I was also at work on my phone and that makes it difficult to make long insightful posts like would have been necessary.

That was probably the key to the game. If I was voted off then it would have left only 2 scrooge players and we wouldn't have been able to sway votes the last couple rounds. No doubt you did a great job those last few rounds putting things together, but it was such a tough situation for the village having to get both families. I think for the village to win it would have had to worked out that you alternated between getting scrooge and grinch family members voted off. Good game :thumb:
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