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Re: Google Fiber is live!

Postby tifosi77 on Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:19 pm

shmenguin wrote:
pittsoccer33 wrote:the question then becomes who has enough bandwidth on the other side of the connection to support this.

The answer is virtually no one. Good for torrents, I guess

That's kind of the point, tho. A country-wide fiber network - which is ultimately the goal that Google is pursuing here - would erase that concern.

shafnutz05 wrote:Yeah, my last speedtest was something like 17 MBPS down, 5 MBPS up, and I've never had issues with the speed of my service (FIOS). That is ungodly fast.

I've had FIOS envy for years now. A friend that lives in Redondo Beach routinely sees 90 Mbps down on his FIOS line.
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