A new reality show that I will DEFNITELY watch...

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A new reality show that I will DEFNITELY watch...

Postby netwolf on Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:26 am

It's on Spike TV and called Pros vs. Joes. In the video on Spike's page, they show the obligatory audition videos where all of the "joes" talk crap on the pro athletes that will be on the show. I don't like Bill Romanowski, but I will enjoy seeing him and Bo Jackson wake some of these people up. :D

http://www.spiketv.com/index.jhtml#show ... ndex.jhtml

Here's the text of the casting call for the show: Are you a rabid sports fan who thinks he's got what it takes to take on Hall of Fame professional athletes in a no-mercy, no-holds-barred competition bonanza?

"PROS VS. JOES" is an action-packed new sports series from Spike TV pitting teams of everyday JOES against super teams of the world's greatest PROS from Professional Football, Baseball, Basketball and other top shelf sports leagues in a never before seen fantasy camp-style games competition.

If you are a male, super outgoing and competitive diehard sports fan aged 25-40, in decent physical condition who is ready for anything, PLEASE SEND A PHOTO WITH YOUR NAME, AGE, CONTACT INFO AND A BRIEF PARAGRAPH ABOUT WHY YOU SHOULD BE SELECTED to appear on this show.
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